Popular foods in the Philippines .. Filipino dishes abound, so it is very simple, such as salty fried fish and rice, to elaborate dishes.

Famous food in the Philippines ..

Famous food in the PhilippinesThere are many famous Filipino cuisine, but not to the degree of its famous Thai and Vietnamese neighbors, but this country contains more than 7 thousand islands with a distinguished history, and a number of delicious dishes of its own. The Filipino cuisine includes methods and traditions of food preparation, and eating habits It is located in the Philippines, and there is a close connection between the way food is prepared with the development that occurred in the original kitchen during the following centuries, and sharing with the Malay, India, Spanish, China, and America, along with the Indo-Asian kitchens. (A dish of beef), torta (egg omelette), adobo (chicken meat cooked with garlic, vinegar, oil or soy sauce or cooked to dry), kaldereta, which is a soup with tomato sauce. For traditional breakfast it can include pandesal (they are rolls Small Bread), With White Cheese Kesong Puti, With Rice Porridge And Chocolate Champorado, Or Fried Rice And Garlic Sinangag, In addition to meat like astapa dish, longganisa, tocino, or fish oritlog na pula and others.

The most famous Filipina food ..

Although it is a spread dish, but it is not normal, and they are not without any travel food without it, and it is found everywhere, although it is a Mexican dish, but the Filipinos saw that cooking meat (chicken often) with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices, is one of Practical ways to protect meat without a refrigerator.

Taba ng talangkar

Taba ng talangkarTaba ng talangkar This dish includes the fat of a small and different group of marine crabs, which are pressed and roasted with garlic, and often used as shrimp sauce or eaten with rice and fried fish.

Chicken Sotangr

A delicious dish of soup includes chicken, mushrooms, carrots, green onions, noodles and more.

Bistek plastic

Bistek PlasticBistek, called Filipino Beef Steak, consists of thin slices of beef marinated in soy and fried sauce and is usually eaten with onions.


They are meat rolls stuffed with sausage or hot dogs, carrots, pickles, cheese, and eggs, and this dish is eaten at the time of the holidays.


Calderita KalderetaCalderita This dish can be made from beef, but often it is made from goat meat. It consists of pieces of meat cooked in tomato sauce, crushed garlic, onions, peas, lettuce, chili peppers and potatoes that make delicious food.

Pancit Palabok

Pancit PalabokPancit Palabok is one of the delicious dishes that consists of noodles (pasta) prepared from rice flour and loaded with lobster sauce, eggs, shrimp, garlic, squid, and vegetables with lemon juice.

Kare Kare

It is one of the Filipino dishes, it is one of the pistachio sauce with made-up vegetables, beef, and sometimes goat meat and little is used for chicken meat, and it is eaten with bacong (shrimp dough) and sometimes chili. Adobo chicken with ginger is one of the most famous Filipino dishes Traditional are chicken pieces cooked with ginger and soy sauce.

Famous Filipino Sweets ..

Famous Filipino sweets Filipino sweets are famous for desserts, as they are rich in Spanish flavors such as cream caramel or litchi flan, natibas, egg yolks, yams, orange desserts or dulthy de naranjas, legumes or mimprios, king berries, etc., in addition to local fruits such as coconut, santol, guava, cakes and American pies, and can extend the global cuisine To the extent that shawarma and pasta dishes appear, which reflects the Philippine diversity in food. Given that the Philippines is a tropical country, it will not be strange that all recipes are made from rice and coconuts, and are among the most famous sweets. Bibingka hot cake from rice, often add butter to it, slices of white cheese and sometimes slices of coconut bikomade candy from colloidal rice to which sugar, butter and coconut milk are added. Bitsu-Bitsu, also called pinoy donut, prepared from rice flour Fried, Covered With A Sugar Sugar Muscovad – Maja Blanca Sweets Filipino Filipino Filipino Sweets Mainly Coconut Milk And Called Coconut Pudding And Cooked At Christmas And Parties .– Cassava Cake is a Filipino sweets of Vietnamese origin consisting of Sweet potato (casa root A) and coconut milk in general.

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