Faroe Islands

المسافرون العرب

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a number of islands located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, specifically in the middle of the railway linking Scotland and Iceland, and Troushaven is the official capital of the island, and the total area of ​​this island is about 1399 square kilometers.


The prevailing system of government in the Faroe Islands is a democratic parliamentary system, and these islands are characterized as enjoying full autonomy, but they belong to the Kingdom of Denmark, and since 1948 AD these islands are a province of the Danish provinces that enjoy autonomy independent of others, and with the progress of time they remained conservative on Its independence from Denmark, with the exception of many military, legal and foreign affairs, is a member of the European Union, in addition to its membership in the Council of Northern Europe.


The population of the Faroe Islands is about 49,000 people, as the majority of its population is Faroese, with a percentage of about 92%, in addition to the presence of a number of its inhabitants of Danish origin, where their rate is estimated at about 6%, and a small number of people who belong to different origins, including the Norwegians, Icelandic and Poles , And the vast majority of the inhabitants of these islands belong to the Church of the Faroei People, which is a subsidiary church of the Lutheran Church.

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The Faroe Islands depend in their economy on fishing and whales, in addition to many related industries, and it is one of the most important economic sources for these islands, and is characterized by a high standard of living in it, and the official currency in it is the Faroe Korn.

the culture

The geographical location of the Faroe Islands has made them an island isolated from many cultural developments that Europe has witnessed over the ages, and the prevailing local culture in it is mainly and traditionally linked to many countries, the most important of which are Iceland, Shetland, Urkini, and Wildland Hybrid.


The Faroe Islands are considered one of the beautiful islands that attract a large number of tourists from all over the world, because they contain a number of eighteen islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, in addition to the presence of many houses with distinct colors, and wooden churches designed in various forms And wonderful, wild lands, and is characterized by its scenic nature and wonderful, and here are many distinct places in these islands, which the visitor can visit and enjoy its beauty, including:

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  • Rushavn is the official capital of Faro.
  • The Faroe Islands Historical Museum.
  • Open air museum of the old village.
  • Natural History Museum.
  • Vitro Islands National Art Gallery.
  • Boat trips to view the seabird colonies in addition to the slopes of the sea.
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