Farol Bridge

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The central nervous system

The nervous system plays an important role in the human body, as it has the responsibility to control human behavior and behaviors in general, and the central nervous system in its various parts is the largest part of the nervous system, and this huge part consists of a number of parts such as the brain that includes the brain stem, cerebellum and brain The interstitial and the brain, and the second part of it is the spinal cord that includes the brain nerves under it, but with regard to the brain, each part of its parts is divided over big tasks, for example a first bridge or what is called a bridge, it is responsible for breathing, sleep and taste, and the core nuclei take responsibility for controlling p Li blood pressure and breathing.

Farol Bridge

pons varolii, it is in the anterior ventral part of the brain in the human head, and a number of bridge nuclei are inserted in the structure of the Farol Bridge, such as the vertices of the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth cranial nerves, whose role is complemented by the cerebellum in transferring information between it and the cerebral cortex, and then back there again, as it assumes Responsibility for controlling the process of breathing, sleep, and taste. More precisely, the Fowl Bridge is located below the midbrain, and forward from the cerebellum, and the Fowel Bridge rises above the area of ​​the rectangular medulla, and is classified as a part of the brain stem.
The Fowell Bridge can be defined as a bundle of nerve fibers present on the ventral surface of the medulla of the medulla between the two parts of the marrow and the cerebellum, and its discovery date dates back to 1575 AD by the Italian scientist Costanzo Farol, whose name was attributed to the bridge, and this helped him to develop the method of dissecting the brain and its components and subtract A novel and accurate description of the anatomy of the brain, as it separated the brain from the skull and started the dissection process from the base to reach that.

Faul Bridge Function

The First Bridge performs a number of functions entrusted to it to achieve complementarity with the functions of the rest of the brain, namely:

  • He is responsible for transferring neuronal fluids by virtue of his location between the four main parts: the medulla oblongata, cerebellum, brain, and midbrain.
  • It regulates and controls breathing.
  • The bridge regulates the work and movement of the heart.
  • Controls the issuance of appropriate reactions with the external influences surrounding the human being that he may encounter in his daily life.
  • Controls taste, face movements, sensation, and eye silt by the fifth and sixth cranial nerve.
  • It controls the secretions of glands in the human face through the seventh cranial nerve.
  • The bridge maintains a balance in the human body through the ear, relying on the eighth cranial nerve.


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