Features of Al Khan Beach in Sharjah and entry times

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The Al-Khan Beach in Sharjah, which is considered one of the best beaches in the United Arab Emirates, where the eastern coast of the emirate is characterized by the beauty of its bays and its wonderful clear waters, which made Sharjah one of the most important emirates of tourism in the country, and through the following lines in the Arab travelers we will get to know the location of the beach and the most important Its features, safety and security factors, and visiting times.

Features of Al Khan Beach in Sharjah and entry times

Beach location

One of the most popular and secure beaches in the emirate is the Al-Khan or Al-Buhaira Beach, in which wonderful times can be spent with family and friends, and it is located on the western coast of the city, which stretches along its length, extending over an area of ​​600 meters between the Lai power plant and water desalination and the village of Al Khan It is located next to Sharjah Marine Museum and Sharjah Aquarium.

The most important features of the beach

Al Khan Beach is characterized by providing wonderful recreational beach activities, due to its calmness, large area and lack of congestion in the normal weekdays, except for the weekly and official holidays that the beach is crowded with, which makes it an attractive place and a natural outlet for the citizens and tourists of the emirate.
Among the most important activities in it are playing volleyball or enjoying a wonderful sand excursion, in addition to the activities held by the water skiing school and the water sports center such as kayaking, rowing, parasailing, flying skateboarding, yellow boat riding, Banana Boat, jet ski boats, windsurfing, and others.
Among the most important facilities in the beach are shower, toilets and changing rooms. Beach umbrellas and chairs can also be rented, in addition to the presence of small playgrounds for children and several places for skiing.

Beach safety and security

About two years ago, the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) took several measures, aiming to increase levels of safety and security in the beach, including the installation of two main towers in addition to 6 other monitoring towers for beachgoers’ rescuers, in addition to setting a rescue buoy and two Bage cars along with two modern water bikes and two main bikes Two talk.
The measures also include increasing the number of rescuers to reach 17 rescuers, assistants and supervisors, all working on shifts.

Beach visiting dates

The beach opens its doors to visitors daily from six in the morning until eight in the evening.


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