Ferrari world in Dubai

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Ferrari world

Ferrari World is a city of amusement parks, and is distinguished by its location on Yas Island, specifically in Abu Dhabi, in addition to its area of ​​about 200,000 square meters, and this area made it one of the largest theme parks in the world, where it was officially opened in the year 2010 AD, specifically in the fourth From November, this city contains Formula Rossa, which is one of the fastest roller coaster games in the world, with a speed of about 240 kilometers per hour.

The opening of the city

An agreement was signed between Ferrari and Aldar Real Estate as the first theme park in Abu Dhabi in the year 2005 AD, and it was expected that the official opening of this city will take place in the year 2008 AD, but there are some reasons that led to delaying this and starting the construction process in the year 2008AD. And it was completed in less than two years, i.e. in the middle of 2010 AD, in addition to delaying the opening date for a week of its determination, due to the death of the ruler of the tent Saqr bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, on the day before the day that was set for the opening.

City design

Ferrari Theme Park is designed by Jack Ross and its partners located in Cincinnati, and this company is responsible for designing the vast majority of games in this city, which contains twenty wonderful and distinct games, where the names of these games were officially announced in The year 2010 AD, specifically on the twentieth of July, that is, on the official opening day of the city.

The most important city games

Ferrari is one of the important tourist cities at the level of Dubai in particular and the world in general, as it attracts large numbers of tourists looking for fun and entertainment from different parts of the world, because it contains many distinct games, namely:

  • Formula Rossa game: It is considered one of the fastest games in this city, with a speed of about 240 kilometers per hour.
  • G-Force: This game features its tower-like shape, in addition to its height that reaches players to about 62 meters, or 203 feet.
  • V12: It is one of the water games of the aviation vehicles in a place inside Ferrari 599.
  • Fiorano GT Challenge: This is a roller coaster car game.
  • Scuderia Challenge: These are racing simulators, and are characterized by being highly sophisticated and modern, based on the action of players racing with a group of Ferrari cars, through a team playing on a virtual circuit.
  • Speed ​​Magic: It is a four-dimensional riding journey that takes the visitor to many natural environments.

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