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Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque

Al-Qarawyin Mosque is the oldest mosque in North Africa, and one of the most famous mosques in the State of Morocco. It was founded in 857AD by Fatima al-Fihriyeh, then the Zenin princes added to his cell in 956AD.

Andalusian Mosque

The Andalusian Mosque was built between the years 859 AD-860 CE by Mary’s sister Fatima al-Fihriyah, but his image, which is now on it in general, dates back to the period of the Almohad victory, and in the Marinid era a water fountain and a treasury were added, and the Mawlid Sultan Ismail established several reforms in the mosque in The upper period.

Great Mosque of Fez, the new

The Great Mosque was built in 1276AD during the era of Abu Yusuf Yaqoub. Several reforms were added to the mosque during the reign of Abu Faris al-Marini in 1395 AD, and the Alevi Sultan Al-Mawla Rashid added a treasury to the mosque in 1668AD.

Al-Batha House

Sultan Moulay Abd al-Aziz was built in the year 1897 AD, the Dar Al-Batha Palace, which is one of the places designated for royal receptions, and in 1915 AD the palace was converted into a regional museum of arts and customs.

The walls of Fez El-Bali

The stone walls of Fez El-Bali were constructed during the period of the rule of Nasser Almohad, which lasted from 1199 AD to 1213 CE, and during the period of the rule of the Adarsites and the Zenites, the doors were placed in them, which were called the following names: Bab Al-Futuh, Gate of the Church, Gate of Hamra, and Gate of the New.

Al-Boananyah School

Sultan Abu Anan Al-Marini founded the Al-Bouanani School between 1350-1355 A.D., and it is one of the most famous schools of Fez and Morocco, for its great role in teaching and teaching students, and it is one of the schools distinguished by establishing Friday prayers in the past, and it also contains an hour of water and an attractive decorative silo.

Attarin School

The Al-Attarin School is located in the northern side of the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, and it is one of the most wonderful and sweet schools that showed Moroccan art in its construction, and was distinguished by being among the most beautiful and finest ancient urban places.

North Tower

The fort of the North Tower is located in the north of the city of Fez. It was built by the Saadians in 1582 AD, and its design was based on Portuguese castles dating back to the 16th century. It is currently embracing the Arms Museum.


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