Fiji Islands A distant and luxurious tourist destination, it is home to one of the happiest people on earth, and it must also be a destination for the happiest travelers too .. It is famous for its luxurious private islands, with its comprehensive resorts and health resorts, and it is one of the best cooking destinations that must gourmets to experience the worlds chefs, let alone travelers A fan of outdoor adventures and curious people wanting to discover their culture that uniquely welcomes everyone .. Have you ever considered reaching them one day?
The white sandy beaches of Fiji and its clear ocean waters provide an ideal place for vacationers for divers, for couples on their honeymoon and for families, and for all those looking for relaxation, and given the large number of Fijian islands, our advice is to stop at the most famous or only some.

Where are the Fiji Islands?

Holiday-me_fiji-islands-travelers-arab_336397865_1000x750Fiji Islands is an archipelago consisting of 333 islands, which is located more than 27 hours to reach it from one of the Gulf cities for example, it is located in the heart of the South Pacific, its largest is Viti Levu, and Vanua Levu, and its capital is Suva The southeast coast of Viti Levu Island.
There are about twenty major islands in Fiji and the rest are uninhabited, and the two most famous regions in which you find the tourist islands within the archipelago are “Mamanuca” and “Yasua” to the west of Viti Levu.

How do I get to the archipelago?

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The main international airport in Fiji is Nadi International Airport, while Nawsori International Airport (in the capital, Suva) is the second international airport. To reach Fiji Islands, you must first travel to Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia via the city of Sydney, then the Fiji Islands Club Capital City Airport. Other flights via Auckland in New Zealand but Sydney is the best transit center because you will get good fares for flying from the Middle East.
Fiji has many domestic and international airports located throughout the country .. Several airlines operate flights to Fiji in these airports and other airports such as Australian Fiji Airways, Australian Qantas, Korean Air, Singapore and others, you only have to search for the cheapest airline tickets online .

How do I move between islands?

Holiday-May-Cities-Fiji-Islands_444374374_1000 x 750There are many local airports scattered around the islands. If your last destination is one of the islands in the regions of Mamanuca or Yasawa, you will have to ride one of the domestic flight planes for the islands far from the capital or the boats that serve the nearby islands, so that you know that a club is not a tourist city, so do not think about staying in it and make it an accessible city only or Overnight stay in one of the most popular hotels in Nadi, then move to a destination worth staying in.
There are about twenty major islands in Fiji and the rest are uninhabited, and the two most famous regions in which you find the tourist islands within the archipelago are “Mamanuca” and “Yasua” to the west of Viti Levu, you will find boats available in abundance between a club and any island within these regions.

When is the best time to visit Fiji?

Holiday-Me_Tourism -Fiji-Islands_336486749_1000 x 750The beautiful climate is one of the important reasons that Fiji is a destination for holidays. The temperatures are always between 26 to 31 degrees, and the favorite time of the year to travel to Fiji is from April to October, which are the months that witness a pleasant coolness with a tropical breeze and always perfect water temperature.
It can be said that High season tourist in Fiji It is in the period from July to September when the weather is better because it is relatively dry and sunny, but if you want to avoid the crowds it is better to travel during the months of May and June or October.
In contrast, the rainy season is from December to March and can see heavy rain and even tropical cyclones that have also become common in recent years during this period of the year., But they should not be a deterrent.

Is it a cheap or expensive destination?

Holiday-Me_Fiji-Islands-Shahr-Honey_567098908_1000 x 750It is not easy to travel to it with a limited budget, so it is like a dream that many travelers around the world want. If you are one of those young travelers looking for adventure, these charming islands deserve to be bothered for you and look for the best way to get the cheapest offers, but if you are from Tourists who don’t care to spend much money for luxury, feel free to visit Fiji.
Yes, you can stay in small hotels and hostels suitable for travelers in Fiji. You can also enjoy the best and most luxurious resorts. You just have to search for your appropriate taste through the hotel reservation website. Also, do not forget that cruise trips (cruise ships) are one of the best and most luxurious means To enjoy the South Pacific and its picturesque islands like Fiji, Bora Bora, Samoa, Norfolk, and others.

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What is Fiji famous for?

Holidays in Fiji can take any form the traveler desires, you can spend your day relaxing on the beach or by the poolside inside the resort, and in the evening you can stroll on the beach and at night eat delicious local or international foods that international chefs master.
Invest your time in various activities such as snorkeling, diving, parasailing, ocean skiing or golfing, and if you are looking for some nightlife it is also available, and you can have a beautiful atmosphere inside the exhibitions and cultural events, the islands are not beaches, swimming, and adventures only.

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