Le Shalimar Restaurant

This restaurant offers delicious dishes from Indian cuisine, and provides a full unlimited buffet for lunch, and a menu as desired for dinner, and the restaurant offers meals for children, along with other popular meals such as steaks and tortillas, and of course the restaurant offers halal food according to Islamic law .

The Mediterranean Grill Restaurant

In this restaurant you can eat distinctive Turkish food, at reasonable prices, and it offers grilled meals that are famous for Turkish cuisine and other kitchens in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Chandigarh Tandoori Restaurant

Chandigarh Tandoori Restaurant offers lovers of Indian food a variety of famous meals from the Indian cuisine, headed by Tandoori, and many of the dishes of the restaurant are prepared according to Islamic law, and the restaurant is a suitable place for families and also accompanying children.

Beirut Perfumes Restaurant

Beirut Perfumes Restaurant, as its name indicates, is a Lebanese restaurant, and it serves the most famous Lebanese and Levantine meals and serves halal food, and it is a suitable place to eat food and dinner, and is suitable for accompanying children and for collective dinners.

Keyann restaurant in Swiss Lausanne

Keyann Restaurant is a Lebanese Eastern and Middle Eastern restaurant and cafe, and it serves Halal food, and also serves special foods for vegetarians, and serves lunch and dinner, and features of the restaurant eating abroad, the possibility of reservation, and accepts a Master Card And Visa, there is free Wi-Fi, suitable for families with children, and for business meetings.

OBEIRUT Lebanese Cuisine

From the name of the restaurant it is clear that it is a Lebanese restaurant, and it does not provide pure Lebanese food, but also offers oriental meals, and there are grilled dishes, suitable for the vegetarian person, and it offers a variety of vegetarian and halal food options, and is distinguished by offering empty food options Of gluten.

Le New Delhi Rahman Indian food restaurant

This restaurant is an Indian restaurant, and also offers dishes from the Asian restaurant, vegetarian food, halal food, and Gluten Free options, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and can eat outside and there is free Wi-Fi , And the restaurant is suitable for families with children.

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