Find out the best places to visit in Zambia

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The wildlife of Zambia

Zambia provides a large number of the most luxurious safaris in Africa, where tourists on these trips can see the diverse and rare African animals.
National parks are abundant there, and elephants and giraffes of various breeds abound.
As for the pastures, it is home to the zebras, antelopes and many other wildlife.
Zambia is known to contain more than 700 rare bird species in Africa.
Although the number of crocodiles has decreased in Zambia due to habitat destruction and hunting, crocodiles are still widespread in nature parks.
Predators are common and include tigers, lions, leopards, and hyenas, as well as hippos, reptiles, and lizards.

Find out the best places to visit in Zambia - Find out the best places to visit in Zambia

Victoria Falls

The famous Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful aspects of nature in Zambia, it is located in the Zambezi River and characterized by its comfortable appearance for itself, especially when watching the attractive rainbow colors from the Skin Edge Bridge, it is the largest waterfall in the world with a height of 128 meters and visited by many tourists every day.

Lake Kariba

It is an artificial lake classified as the largest artificial lake in the world.
Tourists enjoy diving in this lake in the warm sunshine. They also enjoy watching the amazing sunrise and sunset view. There are many recreational options including riding small boats and exploring the area surrounding the lake.

Sendabizi Island

One of the most beautiful aspects of nature in Zambia and is characterized by its plains and wonderful gardens.
And of course you cannot forget to visit and enjoy meals on the high platforms in the middle of the river, and through this you can see the most beautiful natural places that are only accessible by boat.

Blue Lagoon National Park

This park contains many natural features such as plains, acacia trees, birds and antelopes.
Tourists sit to watch birds of various types calmly and peacefully as these birds congregate around the blue lake and develop significantly.
You can enter this park for a fee of only $ 10 per person and spend a wonderful day there.

Samfia Beach

Samfia Beach is located in the north of Zambia, specifically in the southwest region of Lake Panguilo.
It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zambia and it is characterized by the amazing white sand that attracts tourists and makes them come to the beach from far places by driving long distances.

Nika National Park

In the far east of Zambia lies the Nika National Park, which is considered one of the highest plateaux in the country.
There is a large group of grassy lands, valleys, cliffs and attractive wildflowers, in addition to that, tourists find green and rocky hills and distinctive tropical forests, and the Nika Garden is also not without elephants, zebras and animals of various kinds.

Kashiba Lake

This lake is one of the strange and amazing lakes at the same time, as its water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming in its wonderful blue waters, it is a distinctive giant lake suitable for swimming and its depth is about 100 meters, and there are many legends that revolve around this lake and repeat it Old and young in this region


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