Peak and off-peak seasons may be one of the biggest factors influencing your decision about the appropriate travel time to Fiji. The most popular times are not only more expensive but also more crowded, usually from July to August and may extend to December are usually one of the busiest periods Many families choose to travel during the holidays.

If you are traveling with all family members or with a group of friends, it is recommended that you take advantage of off-peak times as the islands of Fiji are quieter in low seasons, and this time is usually quieter, more peaceful and suitable for romantic holidays.

The best times to visit Fiji throughout the year

The choices vary according to a set of factors that the traveler determines for himself, whether budget, weather, peak time or enjoyment of marine activities, and these are the best times according to each factor:

The best time to visit during the year

May, June, September, and October.

The best time for good weather

From May to October.

The best time for honeymoon

From May to October.

Best time for discounted visits

Avoid peak seasons (July, August, December, and January), at which time there is an increasing demand for Fiji and the price of hotels, flights and booked boats increases.

The best time for sightseeing Fiji

There are two very important factors when deciding when to travel to Fiji for this matter, first the peak seasons: which include school holidays in Australia and New Zealand (from mid-December to the end of January), and major European holidays (from July to August).
The second factor is the rainy season, which lasts from November to April. At this time, hurricanes are common, and rains are abundant and frequent, so the best times to visit are May, June, September, and October.

The best time for diving and water activities

The water is likely to be calm and clear during the dry season (from May to October), and perhaps a month before and a month after, while in the rainy season the waves and winds are high and strong and this affects vision.

The best time for outdoor activities

The influencing factor here is the weather, as it affects the ability to enjoy all things outdoors. The rainy season in Fiji (November to April) brings heavy rains that can cause landslides, high waves and strong winds. Hiking and windsurfing is better than May To October, the best rowing time is perfect from December to May.

The best times to enjoy the beaches

Fiji locals often refer to the dry season (from May to October) as “winter”, and during the daytime temperatures can reach around 25 ° C, then cooler later in the afternoon and evening, Swimming may be more attractive in the rainy season, but any bad weather, especially lightning, should be avoided.

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