A mild marine climate prevails throughout Poland, but the humidity levels change in the summer, where some rain falls on it, and sometimes a dry summer climate and a sharp rise in temperature, especially in the eastern parts of it, and at times it wishes warmth to the region and cold, especially in the southwestern part of Poland .

Summer seasons are the best times to visit, so the temperature in July is ᶜ17 ° C on the coast and ᶜ20 ° C in the south, and in general the summer temperatures are pleasant with rain sometimes, but the highest rate of precipitation at that time is mountains and highlands .

As for the winters, they are very cold when temperatures drop to less than تحت10 degrees below zero. In January, the temperature ranges between ᶜ1.0 degrees in the west and ᶜ4.5 degrees in the east and in the northeast, up to ᶜ5.5.
Although the winters are cold, there are many activities that you can do in these seasons, such as celebrating New Year’s Day in January. The streets are filled with festivities and different colors.

The best visiting cities in Poland

Wroclaw city

One of the best cities that you can visit in Poland is the warmest city all year, with an average annual temperature of about 9.8 degrees Celsius, the best time to visit it in the summer and spring, but the winters are cold and snowy, so we recommend that you visit it in the summer and spring seasons.
One of the best activities that you can do at the time of the visit is the market square. One of the best places that a visitor should not miss is the most attractive area for visitors due to its distinguished architecture and its multi-colored buildings.
There are many other natural monuments that we recommend to visit in the summer, the Shchiteniki Pavilion, and the Sky Tower, which is filled with restaurants that offer the most famous Polish dishes, or a tour of the cart in the streets of the city, especially during the day to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
The city of Krakow

Which is located in the southern part of Poland, this city is crowded with visitors, especially in the summer and spring, so temperatures in the summer and spring ranges between 19 ° C to 18 ° C, so we recommend that you visit it in the summer, but the winters are very cold and reach degrees The temperature is below zero.

Among the best places to visit at that time are St. Mary’s Church and the Royal Wawel Castle, which is one of the best sights in Poland in general and Krakow in particular, or you can take a tour of Poland restaurants and enjoy the wonderful traditional Polish cuisine and sweets that are unparalleled in the world Where he called the city of cakes, or savor a piece of sernek, which is one of the most famous Polish cheese that Krakow is famous for.

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