Find out what Finland is famous for

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Salimekki Drink

It is the most popular in Finland and it is a strange choice, it is salty licorice that may sound strange, but the Finns cannot get enough of it, and they put it in everything from wines to ice cream.

Italy for glass

Finland is famous for its glass machines, and Italy is one of the most famous and valuable brands, where it has been manufacturing glass since 1881, and it has now filled every Finnish home with glass parts, it lasts so long that it is common for people to inherit ITAR elements from their relatives, the designs are simple but Directly looking good in any home, whether for daily use or for dinner parties.

Cantilever machine

Find out what Finland is famous for - Find out what Finland is famous for
It is a traditional wooden instrument from Karelia, which is similar to a harp, and is still used in Finnish folk music, and it is small, with a wonderful decorative shape.

Sauna baths

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Saunas can be used all over the world, but only in Finland is very popular, almost every house in Finland has its own sauna, and as such, sauna items such as buckets, laundries and clothes can be found in many Finnish stores, including birch leaves Synthetic, which is usually applied to the skin while in the sauna to improve blood circulation.

Puko knife

It is a traditional Finnish hunting knife, usually sold in a handmade sheath that can be attached to a belt, it may seem unusual, but it is natural to sell on the street markets in Finland, it is good not only for hunting but also for general purposes, including fish preparation, leather work , And wood carving, it is a great honor to receive this gift knife, similar to receiving a Swiss army knife.

Fazer Sweets

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Fazer has sold sweets and other foodstuffs in Finland since 1891 and you can still find a large selection of Fazer sweets and chocolates in the country, this is a set of regular desserts for snacks, and the most common types are “blue” milk chocolate bars, and specialized gift boxes .

Karelian Pastries

Another essential item in the Karelian region is Karelian pastries, which are oval-shaped pastries filled with rice, potatoes and carrots, usually topped with egg butter, while it can be repeated at home. However, local Finnish bakeries are the best places to try authentic Karelian pastries from the oven and topped with butter. eggs.

Finnish knitwear

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Finns had to find a way to keep warm before central heating, and traditional Finnish knitwear still keeps them warm during the harsh winter. You can find traditional and somewhat cheerful patterns in craft stores, usually few in used stores, though Modern designers are also using more modern styles.


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