Hotel accommodation is the largest item in the travel budget and may deplete most of them, as hotel prices increase according to the tourist season, supply, demand and location.

But with a little pre-arranging and smart planning, travelers can get discounted rates, which many people think is something that only travel professionals can master.

But today we collect for you the most important advice of professional travel enthusiasts about ways to book hotels intelligently to suit the travel budget and not deplete it.

Plan ahead

The best travel professionals advise is preplanning, the sooner you book, the lower the price.

When your travel time approaches, the room fare is higher than it was a month or two ago, especially if it was in the timing of a busy tourist season.

Online bookings offer huge benefits in early booking.

Stay away from the central areas

Many prefer to choose hotels in the middle of the city because of the ease of movement, but that means paying a higher cost for the reservation.

Fans of active travel and travel can book hotels farther from the city center and enjoy public transportation and city exploration, and these hotels often offer higher service than city hotels for lower prices.

Set your goals from the hotel

Before booking, you must clearly define your goal from the hotel. Do you choose a hotel for sleep and breakfast only and spend most of the day on tours and outdoor activities?

Or do you go to the hotel for relaxation, relaxation and spending time with the family, while leaving the hotel sometimes?

The goals must be carefully explained. If your goal is tours and outdoor activities, this means that you do not need a luxury hotel or with major meals or a swimming pool and other facilities such as spa and others.

Many make the mistake of booking hotels with features and facilities that they do not need and do not use during their flight days.

Use websites intelligently

The hotel websites have become world-famous, and millions of people worldwide book hotels every day.

But what many people do not know is that these sites require continuous monitoring to know the price changes, the difference in offers from one location to another, the difference in hotel photos and its ratings from one location to another.

We advise you to use the sites of Booking, Trip Advisor, Hotels and others, as well as the use of sites that compare the prices of all reservations sites such as Trivago, which provides a comparison of prices, features and offers of all other sites according to your destination.

Online price comparison
Online price comparison

Accurately determine the needs of the hotel

Accurately determine the needs of the hotel

Booking early gives you the best rate
Booking early gives you the best rate

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