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Tomorrow, May 23, 2107, the sale of tickets for the Royal Opera House Muscat concerts begins for its seventh season, 2020/2020: which is the high art season, to celebrate the sixth anniversary of its founding.

The seventh season will start with a wide variety of high-level productions in various fields such as opera, ballet, concerts, jazz parties, musicals, world music, and special events.

As always, this rich diversity in high-level programs is the hallmark of the Royal Opera House Muscat, which has gained wide fame across the world.

The seventh season of the Royal Opera House Muscat consists of 35 distinctive new programs and 55 performances, in which the house accompanies the audiences of the Middle East, Asia and Africa to Europe and America, on an exciting journey across different cultures and opens a window to the civilizations of the world, and calls for the discovery of the heritage and cultural treasures that are unique to the Sultanate Oman.

Aida Opera

The new season begins on September 14, 2020, to begin its performances with “Aida” opera, that timeless masterpiece of musician Giuseppe Verdi, which takes place in ancient Egypt, and is presented by a group of international artists in a distinctive production of the “Reggio” theater in Turin.

Co-production of the Royal Opera House Muscat

The opera program this season includes two great romantic dramas, immersing in the depths of human emotions, just like the opera “Aida”. They are the “Clown” opera, written by Rogero Loncavallo in the late nineteenth century, and given to us by the Rome Opera House theater by the creative international theater director Franco Zverelli. The opera events are inspired by a true story about a clown laughing fans while his life collapses.

The Norma opera

The Royal Opera House Muscat opera opera “Norma” by Vincenzo Bellini, a wonderful masterpiece of the list of works of Balo Canto, tells the story of the priestess of the temple guard and her sinister love for the Roman conqueror. This opera is of particular importance as it is a joint production of the Royal Opera House Muscat and the “Rawan” opera. This show represents a great achievement in the history of the house, which continues to follow the path that it has clearly drawn for itself, to become a theater with all the meaning of the word displaying its own productions as well as hosting productions from abroad.

Varied and enjoyable shows

The programs of the Royal Opera House Muscat take into account the diversity and balance in its opera offerings, and for this program includes two light, fun shows that delight the heart with happiness and joy. The first of them is the opera “The Chance Makes a Thief”, a funny story told by sweet words about stealing a person’s identity and confusion between two lovers. The second is the opera Bellini, the charming “walking during sleep”, which tells the story of a beautiful orphan girl who almost loses her beloved fiance when she goes to sleep in the wrong room. “The Opportunity Makes a Thief” opera to present “Rossini Opera Festival” which is famous for its skill and craftsmanship, while the “Arena de Verona” band enjoyed its distinguished performance of “Walk Through Sleep” opera.

Legendary sounds

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the death of one of the greatest singers of all time, legendary artist and great tenor Luciano Pavarotti. The Royal Opera House Muscat is keen to commemorate this anniversary and celebrate this great star in the vigorous ceremony honoring the artist Luciano Pavarotti, in addition to holding an exhibition that includes his most valuable holdings, which will continue during the period from December 14, 2020 until January 6, 2020. The ceremony celebrates four wonderful singers who receive invitations to sing The most famous theaters around the world are Sumi Joe, Fiorenza Chidolins, Francesco Milli and Marcello Giordani. We promise you a fun party that saturates the senses and elevates the spirit into new worlds.

A glittering constellation of opera stars

The programs of the Royal Opera House Muscat have mastered gathering a glittering constellation of opera stars for the 2020/2020 season, and among the bright names that will stand on the stage of the house is the artist Roberto Alanya, one of the most famous tenor singers in the world, who will perform a special concert with the famous soprano Alexandra Korgac. Also, there is an opportunity for all lovers of good taste to enjoy the sound of the famous tenor Marcelo Alvares.

At the forefront of the stars who will stand at the Royal Opera House Muscat is rock legend Sir Cliff Richard, who has sold more than 250 million records worldwide over the past five decades. The 2020/2020 season program did not overlook live jazz legend Diana Reeves, who won five Grammy Awards and was described by the New York Times as “the most beloved jazz singer after Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.”

The legendary “Grammy” award-winning superstar Gilberto Gil, nicknamed “Spirit of Brazil”, will also hit us, a singer, guitarist and songwriter. Gilberto is known for his innovative genius music, deep musical sensation, and cool, attractive personality. As for the singer and songwriter, who won several Platinum Awards, Anne Hampton Callaway, you will enjoy singing a set of timeless classics by singer Barbara Streisand, such as “Cry Me River” and “As We Can”.

Interesting Arabic shows

The 2020/2020 season program at the Royal Opera House Muscat includes nine Arab and Omani productions as important milestones on the road. We start with the Sultanate’s celebrations of Omani Woman’s Day, accompanied by talented Yemeni singer Belqis. In addition to the popular concert, military music: Oman and the world, with the participation of hundreds of musicians, who present their amazing compositions in the field square while wearing distinctive costumes. The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra and the Omani Oud Society musicians will participate in the Omani Women’s Day celebrations, while the military music concert will highlight the skill of two traditional traditional groups from Asia and Europe.

Arab concerts are interested in inviting a brilliant group of contemporary legends of singing, similar to the artist Sami Youssef, who was described by the Guardian newspaper as “the most famous British star in the Middle East”. Among the other Arab stars who will honor the house with their presence is the singer, oud player and songwriter, Lotfi Bouchnak, who will sing with the well-known Egyptian singer Mohamed Tharwat in a wonderful concert, whose sweetness is complemented by the voices of the members of the Ritaj Art Choir group, which includes a group of young Omani singers.

The brilliant Omani star Salah Al-Zadjali will also sound a collection of popular and well-liked songs that touch the hearts of hearts and delight the audience. The well-known Egyptian singer Medhat Saleh will perform at the same concert his famous romantic songs, along with a selection of songs of the legendary singer Abdel Halim Hafez, such as “Ahwak” and “Al-Tawbah” among others.

Singer and composer Majed El Mohandes is one of the brightest names now on Arab music. Majed will perform a number of songs from his successful albums, such as “Remember Me” and “I Love Me Death”. On an evening of the most beautiful Arab classics, we will enjoy the voice of the artist Ali Hajjar, who specializes in classical maqamat and rhythms, and the famous Lebanese artist Jahda and Hiba, who has a beautiful strong voice that captures the hearts of his listeners.

The Syrian star, Bader Rami, a rising Moroccan artist born in both classical and contemporary Arabic music, will stand on stage to present an evening of the finest Muwashahat and Aleppo stadiums, which are musical molds that originated in Aleppo and Andalusia. The last production in the group of Arab performances presented by the Royal Opera House Muscat will be an amazing lyric play by Al-Rahbana production titled “Ar Ar Ghajar”, which will be the perfect conclusion to the Dar’s performances for the 2020/2020 season.

special offer

The Royal Opera House, Muscat, takes its fans every season on a magical journey around the world. For the first time, we will stop this season in Vietnam to present a stunning creative show called “OO”, designed to reflect the delicate beauty that Vietnam is famous for by presenting contrasting paintings, embodying the richness of Vietnamese culture in the past and present. The show is presented amid amazing scenery and decor to blend skillfully and harmony with theater arts, dance, acrobatics, circus vocals and live Vietnamese music.

Ballet shows, dance and musical theater

The Royal Opera House chose Muscat the ballet “Swan Lake”, which some consider the greatest ballet of all time, to open its dance performances for this season. The story revolves around a swan that swims in a lake of tears, and turns dusk into the most beautiful girl seen in the Prince’s eyes. The prestigious Opera and Ballet National Opera Theater in Kazakhstan presents the “Swan Lake” ballet in a charming classic style, accompanied by the “Carlo Felice Theater” orchestra in Genoa. The majestic romantic character of this production appears in the Oscar-winning designer Franca Squarchabeno, nominated for the “Tony” Award, and the harmonious scenes of the distinguished Italian designer Ezio Frigirio.

The supreme expression of beauty and harmony in an astonishing show with an unusual name is “a two-toe-and-toe dance”. The show combines music and movement with the musician Vadim Ribbin, who was described by Lord Yehudi Menohin as “the best and most brilliant violinist,” and Svetlana Zakharova who became the first ballerina in the “Bolshoi” and a brilliant group of stars from the “La Scala” theater. Together, they present a magical dual dance that elevates the spirit to unprecedented worlds and evokes the desire to fulfill dreams.

For the first time, the Royal Opera House Muscat has entered the experimental ballet world by introducing the well-known Cinderella ballet from a different perspective. This innovative version takes place in a dollhouse with clothes that suit this atmosphere. The famous Prague Philharmonic Orchestra plays Sergey Prokoviev’s music.

It was Tango

The Royal Oman Opera House is performing an exciting exciting Tango show entitled “Kan Tango”, which we expect its tickets to be sold in full at an early date. The tango dance is one of the most beloved and popular dances around the world, and the Royal Opera House Muscat is keen on enjoying its pioneers with all the famous arts. We offer you elegant Argentine romantic tango dance with a lyrical narration of the history of its development with the participation of the wonderful tenor Fabio Armelato. Only the evening of traditional dance from all over the world with the “Igor Musiyev Ballet” group, which is famous for its technical prowess and professional craftsmanship, is one of the most popular dance groups on the scene today.

As for the theatrical performance presented by the high arts season at the Royal Opera House Muscat, it is the play “Peter Pan” in a new production that won many awards suitable for all ages. The play is full of adventures and exciting events by all the beloved characters “Tinker Bell” and the girl “Wendy” and “Captain Hook”. Of course, Peter Pan will fly through the sky and fly with ease.


Perhaps the most prominent concert in the program of distinctive concerts is the annual organ organ, which in the new season hosts the organ, piano and the famous conductor of the British orchestra Wayne Marshall to play the majestic organ organ, and he leads the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Oman in an unforgettable show.

The Royal Opera House Muscat, the distinguished Russian violinist Sergey Krylov, will receive two enchanting performances accompanied by the Russian National Orchestra, led by Bear Carlo Orezio. All classical music lovers will enjoy the sweet tracks of Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, St. Sins, Rimsky Korsakov and Raphael.

Red Army dance troupes

The Red Army’s Choir, Alexandrov, is a world-renowned band with great popularity, which will perform at the Royal Opera House Muscat, with the participation of a group of active and dynamic singers. For added fun and excitement, the Red Army dance bands will perform stunts and stunning acrobatic movements, which we promise everyone will like.

Special offers for children and the family

The Royal Opera House Muscat is pleased to announce the introduction of a new interactive production for children entitled “Princess Grub”, which is a fun interactive opera inspired by the wonderful Puccini opera “Turandot”. Children take part in the show by singing and directing the course of events with the help of tools they made with their hands. Stay tuned for the excitement they will feel when Princess Grub comes out as a beautiful butterfly.

Peter and the Wolf

The house is also presenting the fun new show designed specifically for children entitled “Peter and the Wolf”, which includes a paragraph for the shadow theater, songs about animals, and the show “Peter and the Living Wolf”, an animated film that won the “Oscar” award as the best short animated movie, all with a companion “Rawan” opera orchestra playing accompanying genius music, written by Prokofiev.

The house was also keen that this season’s program would include presenting three special morning parties for the “Swan Lake” ballet with its enchanting beauty, the innovative “Cinderella” opera at the Dolls House, and the wonderful production of the “OO” show that reflects the subtle beauty that Vietnam is famous for.

The most important educational and communication activities in the Royal Opera House Muscat

The Royal Opera House Muscat continues to hold successful new interviews and dialogues entitled “Coffee and Dates with the Stars” with eight new stars during the “High Arts Season”, notably the artist Cliff Richard. Lectures also continue to precede presentations of unrivaled popularity. The house will offer nine lectures this season, containing rich discussions and inspiring ideas for everyone. The house also holds four open day events that include the Pavarotti Collectibles Exhibition, an animation movie “Peter and the Living Wolf”, a lesson to learn tango, and a one-day “clown” event full of fun and entertainment! All open day events in the 2020/2020 season are designed to give participants enjoyable learning and entertainment experiences, and include music and art workshops appropriate for children, teenagers and families.

The Royal Opera House Muscat will again use large numbers of groups to appear on stage in the co-production of “Norma” and other large performances by the house.

Fine Arts Season at the Royal Opera House Muscat - Fine Arts Season at the Royal Opera House Muscat .. Here are the details ..
Royal Opera House Muscat

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Oprah makes the thief

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Aida Opera

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Clown Opera


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