Five ways to save on hotel reservations

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There is no doubt that vacation planning is difficult, but it does amazing results in the long run, especially if you are limited to a specific budget. Not only do airline tickets consume a large amount of the amount that you have allocated for your vacation, but it also extends to the property of your choice.
However, if it comes to booking airline tickets or booking a hotel room, you can save a lot of money if you look a little better for the best options.
Take a look at these smart tips that we’ve prepared for you to save big money when booking hotels.

Always look for offers and coupons

In today’s world, the finest hotels offer savings and fictional discounts to attract customers, so make sure to visit the Arab Travelers website and discover the great offers we always offer.

Watch out for entertainment packages

The idea of ​​reserving all the elements of the trip in one batch spread from flights, hotels and tourist activities, and although these offers are logical and common in the field of tourism and travel, they sometimes do not provide any real savings, but everything should be reserved separately in order to save money .
Spa and spa packages, and free golf tickets for local attractions offer little.
Therefore, it is best to search for yourself on the best offers available before accepting everything that is offered to you without thinking.

Choose the site carefully

Downtown costs twice the cost of staying in a hotel just a few miles away, which is self-evident. If you know the area well or possess modern technology (Google Maps / Global Positioning System), this gives you the opportunity to stay in relatively nearby hotels while saving a lot of money.

Five ways to save on hotel reservations - Five ways to save on hotel reservations

We advise you to see public transportation in places that have good hotels with low prices but far from tourist attractions so that you can reduce transportation rates and park cars.

Be flexible

Hotel accommodations outside of seasonal times are the best savings options ever. Traveling in non-tourist seasons has several advantages, the first of which is not waiting in long lines to see the sights in this destination, the second is the price of flights at these times compared to others, and the third is discounts for large hotels, allowing you to stay in the resort you dream of and with a reasonable cause.

Corporate discounts

Most of us hesitate to ask about available company discounts, which save a lot of the money we spend on accommodation costs. All you have to do is ask your employer, partner, or even your brothers about company discount programs for friends and family that you can get.

Join the hotel rewards program

If you are a business or frequent traveler, and you reside during your hotel trips from time to time, you should join the hotel rewards programs which are often free. And the benefits of the Hotel Rewards Program allow you to enjoy more sophisticated services in addition to reward points that can be converted into discounts, free nights or credit cards with some hotels.

Rest houses, hostels, or small hotels

Don’t underestimate the affordable alternative accommodation options while offering the same level of comfort that big hotels offer. It is reported that participation – whether in a taxi or a room (in the case of youth hostels) – often reduces the cost in half. We advise you to diversify your search due to the large number of options offered in all places around the world.


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