Florya Restaurant Istanbul is one of the best Florya Istanbul restaurants on the sea that are characterized by charming sessions, and is considered one of the best places in Istanbul for families who want to spend a quiet and relaxing day, and eat delicious food within an area of ​​121 square kilometers, surrounded by several distinct facilities, from Garden with swimming pool, children’s playgrounds surrounded by greenery, along with pedestrian paths surrounded by flowers, overlooking the sea.
Floria Restaurant in Istanbul offers many traditional Turkish dishes, and seafood, as well as types of European and international dishes. The building and its surroundings are designed in modern ways, which made it one of the most important places of tourism in Istanbul, especially tourism in Turkey in Istanbul. That provides dining with entertainment.

Floria Restaurant in Istanbul

Food is famous for serving Floria Istanbul Restaurant

The seafood and grills are considered one of the most distinguished features of the Floria restaurant in Istanbul. It also offers many types of breakfast dishes, soup dishes and different salads, and stuffed with all kinds, in addition to dishes cooked with olive oil, hot dishes, sweets, hot drinks, and natural juices.

Floria restaurant in Istanbul

The Floria restaurant menu starts with a list of main dishes that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, followed by soups and salads, then foods cooked with olive oil and hot and cold appetizers, then seafood and seasonal fish, then barbecue of various types, followed by sweets, cold and hot drinks.
Florya Restaurant is one of the cheap Istanbul restaurants where the price of a meal per person is 45 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately $ 8.
The restaurant also offers discounted offers during the holy month of Ramadan and religious holidays, as well as special offers for holidays and official and national Turkish events.
Includes a single meal on the main course, a dish of soup, an appetizer dish, a salad dish, dessert, in addition to one of the types of drinks.
The restaurant is part of a complex that includes halls and gardens for organizing birthday parties and special and public events, which are enough for nearly 4,000 people.

Floria Istanbul restaurant menu

Istanbul Floria Restaurant

Istanbul Floria Restaurant

Istanbul Florya Restaurant

You can learn more about the restaurant, reservations, and inquire about how to organize special events parties by visiting the restaurant’s official website from here.

Opening hours at Florya Istanbul Restaurant

Everyday from 9 am to 10 pm.

Istanbul Florya Reviews

Floria is considered one of the best breakfast restaurants in Istanbul according to the opinions of visitors. The restaurant has achieved the highest proportions in its reviews, fish dishes have received the most positive comments, and many customers described the prices of the restaurant as very appropriate, and competition with some, and the quality and quality of food has had a share Good visitor approval.
In all, restaurant ratings were higher than 85% on all sides, and the calmness of the place impressed all visitors, especially Arabs.

Attractions near Istanbul Florya Restaurant

The Florya Istanbul area where the restaurant is located, and is 1 km away from the Aqua Florya Istanbul, the Istanbul Aquarium 1.1 km, the Florya Istanbul Park 1.8 km, the Istanbul Aviation Museum 2.2 km, the Florya Istanbul Beach 2.5 km, and finally the Bazar Wednesday in Istanbul

Istanbul Aquarium, near Floria Istanbul Restaurant

Hotels near Florya Istanbul Restaurant

Crowne Plaza Florya is an important 5-star Istanbul hotel by the sea, 900 meters from Florya Istanbul Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated very good for location views, proximity to services, staff cooperation, food quality, and room comfort.
Hotel reservation
Polat Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 5-star Istanbul hotels, the hotel is 3.3 km away from the restaurant.

Summary of Arab guest reviews

The hotel is rated very good thanks to the cleanliness, comfort, facilities, location, free WiFi and staff.
Hotel reservation

Floria Restaurant website in Istanbul

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