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Ahqaf city folk returned

Someone who returned and they are people from the servants of God sent to him his Prophet Hood, peace be upon him, to guide them to believe in God and leave idolatry, but they disbelieved and lied to the Prophet, so God sent painful torment to them, and they are people who lived in the area of ​​Al-Ahqaf, and Al-Ahgaf is the collection of the right of any sand, and high sand, That is, they lived in the desert, specifically in the desert of the Empty Quarter, which is currently distributed in the area south of the Arabian Peninsula, which is the region between the land of Yemen, the land of Oman, and a people who were mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, and they are people who God gave them great and many possibilities. He provided them with gardens and spaces The vast green have been rivers flowing Irrigation is underneath them, and the evidence for that is the speech of the Prophet of God, David, to them in the Holy Qur’an. He told them: (Fear God and obey, and fear that I will provide you with what you know, I will provide you with cattle, sons, and paradises and eyes)[الشعراء:131ـ134]

Hood, peace be upon him

The prophet of God Hood was commissioned by God Almighty to pass on the message of faith and monotheism to the people of Aad, who used to worship idols. The Prophet Hood was mentioned in the Noble Qur’an seven times, five times in Surat Hud, and one in Surat al-Aaraf, and another in Surat al-Shu`ara.

Folk city is back

In 1990, the headline “Discovering a legendary Arab city” and “Discovering a lost Arab city” was published by local and international newspapers, and it was called the term “Abbar” or legend of sand, by the amateur archaeologist Nicholas Caleb. Dr. Zarnez, who is a member of the research team, said that what distinguishes this city is its giant pillars, and therefore it is the same city that the Qur’an spoke of in the Almighty saying: (Did you not see how your Lord did normally, throw the same pillars that were not created in the same country?) Surah [الفجر:6ـ7]And toss with the same pillars, i.e. with huge columns, and some columns believed to be of silver and others believed to be of gold have been discovered, and historical records have revealed that this city has undergone a climate change that changed the structure of the city and turned it into deserts and buried it under the sand where historical research has confirmed It was buried by a sandstorm 12 meters thick, and the photos taken by the NASA satellites, which participated in the search for the lost area of ​​many dams and ancient canals that the people of this city used to irrigate, have revealed. Research indicated that these channels were able to provide water for about two hundred thousand people.

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