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Corsica Island

Corsica follows the state of France, which is located in the European continent, and Corsica is an island located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in the western side of the State of Italy, and in the northern side of Sardaniya Island, and in the southeastern side of the Republic of France, and occupies the fourth rank of the Mediterranean islands In terms of area, as its land area is 8,680 km² and it is ranked after Sicily, Sardaniya and Cyprus.

The island is distinguished by an exceptional institutional administrative status in the State of France, where it is officially known as the territorial province of Corsica, and this is a special status of the island that gives it greater autonomy than the authorities of the region. Corsica Executive, the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of Corsica and the Corsica Society.


According to the statistics of the year 2013 AD, its population reached 322.120 thousand people, according to the statistics of the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies for the year 2012 AD, 302.966 thousand people, and their number according to the statistics of 2006 AD reached 294.118 thousand people.

The population of Corsica is made up of ethnic groups such as the Corsican indigenous population, and immigrants from Morocco who make up 50% of all immigrants, as well as immigrants from Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain and Turkey.

Its inhabitants speak the French language, which is the official language of the island, in addition to the Corsican language, which is considered a local language in it, and it is a language close to the French and Italian languages.

The economy of the island

  • tourism sector: The island is very dependent on tourism, as it contains many tourist attractions represented by the picturesque coastal coasts and mild climate.
  • Agriculture sector: Like growing olives, grains, grapes, vegetables and tobacco.
  • Wool production sector: This is for making sheep’s clothing.
  • Fishing sector: Catch fish as sardines.
  • Mining sector: Like extracting marble and granite from the mountains, as well as extracting copper, iron, and lead.

General information about the island

  • Its coastline is 1,000 km, and its highest mountain is 2706 meters. It is Mount Mint launched by it.
  • The island has a unique type of red deer in it, and it is called the Red Corsican deer.
  • It is called by many names as corsa, cocoa, and coco.
  • It is famous for being the birthplace of many eminent personalities such as the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte, the French writer Michel Zefaco, the Tunisian player Shawky bin Saada, the international player Adel Rami, and the Corsican fighter Pascale Paoli.
  • The abstract artist Francois Lanzi is considered one of the most prominent artists on the island.
  • On the slopes of the mountains, the island has many trees, such as pine, oak, and chestnut.

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