For fans of adventure and dangerous sports can now get a lot of excitement in the heights of China, the Chinese architect Hei Weih chose a site where athletes can enjoy practicing dangerous and diversified sports in the “Analog Amestung” resort.

According to what was published by “CNN” the resort consists of 4 buildings, without prejudice to the nature around it, where the rocky nature of the place is the basis of the buildings, and is the first building to be built in this primitive area, and an area of ​​5 kilometers.

It is the first dangerous outdoor sports park, offering mountain climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking and cave exploration.

It also provides an opportunity for fans of marine sports to paddle, as it overlooks a winding river, so the resort hosted many international and local sporting events, while the caves extend 17 km, and the weather is moderate except for the rainy season that extends between July and September. .

“Anlong Amestung Resort” was opened in 2016, with an investment of $ 42 million. The venue contains a welcome area, a conference center, a restaurant and an outdoor platform in which the residents of the province communicate with the resort’s residents.

The resort also has a glass front that reveals to the guests the landscape surrounding them all the time, and the project is one of the projects that the government of “Goetzoa” is interested in supporting to stimulate tourism in the place and develop the economy, so it is currently planning to build more hotels and resorts in the region in addition to the restoration of temples and small villages It out.

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