Many dream about traveling for a fun and unforgettable vacation to entertain themselves and the family, while others are forced to travel to work and end what is required of it, but in order to get a happy and inexpensive trip you have to find the hotel that suits your potential and meets your needs.
There is a set of questions that you must ask yourself if you are traveling to the dream city of Dubai, what are your capabilities, and what are the cheapest hotels, will you travel alone or with the family, do you want privacy or a hotel close to services to meet your needs, or just a hotel apartment that may be The best and most suitable for your visit, then you will have the ability to choose the hotel or residence for you.
The city of dreams Dubai is one of the most Arab cities that attract tourists around the world, because it has great entertainment places along with great services that you may not find like anywhere in our Arab region, but what are the cheapest hotels in Dubai, especially in the monastery.

Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express is one of the best suitable hotels to visit Dubai if you are with your family, it is located on Abdullah Omran Street near Dubai for knowledge, and has two stars and provides distinguished services, despite the relatively low prices, and is only 11 kilometers from the airport, and its location within the village of Knowledge Quiet, with a private exercise hall, buses to move anywhere, and private buses to take you to the magnificent Jumeirah Beach, close to Sheikh Zayed Road.

Eastern House Hotel

You can also get off at the East House Hotel, which is located in Al Fahidi Street in the historic Al Bastakiya district, and gives you distinguished services and has 3 stars, and designs inspired by ancient Arab history, and is one of the cheapest hotels in Dubai.

Ibis World Trade Center Hotel

As for the ibis World Trade Center, which is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, and has two stars, it will give you very cheap prices for accommodation and close to the metro station, which gives you freedom of movement, and very close to the commercial gatherings, and prepares trips to the beach and entertainment and amusement parks.

Rehab Hotel

There is also one of the cheapest hotels in Dubai, which is the Rehab Hotel in Deira, and between it and the gold market, the perfume market, the spice market and the Naif market only a few minutes, in addition to its proximity to Dubai Airport, and provides several distinct services to customers 24 hours.

Africana Hotel

There is also the Africana Hotel in the Deira Dubai area, which is characterized by calm and abundant services available, and one of the cheapest hotels in Dubai, and has a wonderful view of the city.

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