For the traveling lady … 12 basic tips for your next trip

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We live in an accelerated world to the point where it is difficult to deal with the pressures we live in various fields so that travel is a wonderful outlet that takes us out from the daily routine towards a beautiful space of pleasure, comfort, discovery and obtaining psychological and physical richness. And because the Arab woman has entered all fields, she also needs these holidays to relax a bit, so she travels with her friends, family, or even herself sometimes for work or rest. Today we’ll introduce you to 12 essential tips for what to do on your next trip to stay safe and have a great time.

Expenses do not affect safety!

Often we think that reducing the expenses related to things that we may not consider useful is a useful task, but the fact is that caring about the details of the hotel where we stay in safety or providing people to protect the resort are very important things. It is useful to sacrifice a little on the shopping budget in the interest of obtaining a stay that will comfort us and an attractive and charming location!

Don’t think too much about money

There is no doubt that traveling alone is more expensive than traveling with others, because you will not share hotel expenses and transfers with others, but this should never disappoint us, so getting what we love to do is the essence of these individual trips. If you can afford the travel card, hotel, food, and whatever you want to buy, then this is important! Don’t get in debt and everything else is not worth it.

Look closely for transportation options

Conduct a detailed online search for anything you will do, and in the end you are alone in a country different from yours. For example, public transportation is often cheaper and safer than taxis. Also ask your hotel about the best means of transportation, as you go down, you will be sure to help.

Get all the information

Useful advice that travelers pass on using “secret” browsers over the Internet, that is, those that do not record the information we are looking for. Always compare the prices of flights and hotels through these restaurants, and you will often be surprised at the difference in prices. And read carefully about the comments that visitors leave on specialized booking sites, they will tell what they liked and what they did not like in the hotels that you want to know more about, and also ask your friends who visited the destination that you want to go to what you should know, it may help you a lot in determining your options.

Only necessary terms …

Advice that never gets old, and it is essential that you only show what you want to use while traveling, especially when thinking about clothes. Take advantage of our detailed advice here!

Rest assured your love

Never forget that family and friends in your home country are living waiting to know the details of your flight and arrival, and that all is well. So do not forget to write to them as soon as you can and send them a picture of what you are constantly doing to share the fun even remotely. Also, don’t forget to reassure them if you decide to take an adventurous journey, as they may live in constant anxiety until you send them that you are fine.

Don’t be satisfied with selfies

One of the least attractive things in solo travel is the dilemma of taking pictures! This mission has become very important and part of every detail in our lives, let alone travel. The good news is that you should not be embarrassed about asking to take a photo of yourself away from “selfie”. This experience, for example, may make you friends during organized tours and take pictures of some of you.

Take part in group tours

The idea of ​​group tours organized by tour agencies is quite good for traveling alone, it is a safe and good opportunity to discover what you want to enjoy and you will ensure communication with the people participating in these tours (additional virtue: you will find someone who takes pictures of you!).

Fight the unit

The dinner time may be the most important time when you feel lonely, as you will often go to the restaurant on your own … so try to limit your activities at this time so take a small book that may interest you or plan your activities for the next day.

Keep your belongings during flights

Do not tell everyone that you are alone!

Very important. Do not publish the news that you are alone in the destination that you visit, especially through social networking sites, and do not publish pictures that you are alone in the hotel, for example. It is normal for you to post photos from your tours via Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, but do not mention that you are alone. Security comes first.

What if you feel strange?

In the event that someone approached you and asked you “you didn’t eat food alone” or others and felt that it was weird and that you are uncomfortable with contacting him, I immediately start saying that you are not alone and you are waiting for someone or interrupt the conversation and most importantly do not say that you are traveling alone.

Get in touch!

While you should not share your little details with everyone during your trip, being open to other cultures is essential and a big part of the pleasure of traveling. Find out how people live in your destination and communicate with them, and perhaps make new friends who contribute to making your travel experience better, more enjoyable and useful.

For the traveling lady ... 12 basic tips for your - For the traveling lady ... 12 basic tips for your next trip
Don’t be satisfied with selfies while traveling

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1581286823 625 For the traveling lady ... 12 basic tips for your - For the traveling lady ... 12 basic tips for your next trip
12 essential tips for what to do on your next trip


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