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Foreign Tourism

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) defined the term external tourism as roaming an individual, traveling to areas outside the borders of his country, with spending a period of time for a period not exceeding a year, with the aim of entertainment, or doing business, etc., and high income and economic advancement of countries contributed to The stimulation of foreign tourism, as well as the phenomenon of globalization, and developing countries are considered the most affected by foreign tourism, and tourism is one of the most prominent and largest areas of professional branches in the world where tourism jobs occupy one of every ten jobs, and countries that seek to develop their economy invest a lot of m Expenses and funds for the development of tourism has.

The importance of foreign tourism

The importance of foreign tourism lies in the following axes:

  • Providing job opportunities for a large number of citizens of the tourist country, and reducing the unemployment rate in it.
  • Reviving the construction and development fields in the city, where tourist facilities such as restaurants and public transportation companies will be established.
  • Providing regular income for workers in various sectors.
  • Overall development of tourism cities.
  • Securing the infrastructure of the country to facilitate the movement of cities between the tourists.
  • Improving the facilities used by citizens as a result of the tourist movement activity.
  • Development and development of communication and communication techniques.
  • Providing an opportunity for industrial development, through the transfer of industries between countries.
  • The presence of mutual influence between tourist countries, tourists and citizens with regard to developmental and creative ideas, and different cultures.
  • Reducing negative impressions of some countries, and replacing them brightly with visitors from the host country.

The most famous tourist country


The number of visitors to France reached 82.6 million tourists in one year, as it is considered the lady of tourism in the world, and contains many places that made it a desirable destination for tourists from all over the world, and from these places cities such as: Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Alps in addition to Ski resorts, various beaches, the natural environment in the French countryside, and others. France also has 37 world heritage sites from the UNESCO World Heritage List, and tourism in the French economy accounts for 9.7%, 30% of which are foreign tourists, i.e. as a result of foreign tourism.

United State

The number of tourists in the United States of America reached 75.6 million tourists in 2016, which includes cities famous for their vitality such as: New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, which remain thriving with tourists throughout the year, in addition to green environmental areas, such as Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, and Hawaiian beaches And others, and tourism in the US states is considered one of the most important sectors that eliminate unemployment and raise the proportion of public income, and the countries of Mexico, Canada, and Britain are the most countries from which tourists come to the United States.


The number of tourists to Spain reached 75.6 million during the year, and tourism is one of the main pillars in Spain, where it contributes about 11% of the country’s gross domestic product, and Spain receives tourists from European countries, such as: Britain, France, Italy and Germany, and one of its most important tourist cities Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as resorts with high-level services on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to organizing popular events such as carnivals, and contains 15 parks belonging to the state, has worked to create climate conditions in the winter, and provide reserves that are in line with the medical A busy and prosperous life, day and night. Spain includes 13 heritage cities belonging to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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