France Tennis Championship 2016 Roland Garros in the city of love – Paris

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Paris welcomes this year millions of tennis enthusiasts from all over the world during the months of May and June, where the French Open tennis tournament Roland Garros 2016 will be held in its fifteenth session, from May 16 to June 5 and concludes with the crowning of a female champion and champion For the men category. The tournament was named after the legendary French pilot, “Roland Garros”, one of the World War I champions, and it is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments next to the Australian Open, Wimbledon and America Open Tennis.
France will be the most important tourist destination in the world in the summer of 2016, when the European Nations Football Championship will be held after the French Open tennis championship. These global sporting events last for three months. Therefore, this is the most appropriate time to visit Paris and enjoy watching its unique architectural landmarks, its international museums, its beautiful cafes, its luxurious restaurants, and high-end shopping places that include the most famous and prestigious international brands.
Rafael Nadal dreams of achieving his tenth title in the French Open, and despite Novak Djokovic’s recent decline, he is still a strong competitor, and defending champion Stanislaw Wawrinka is considered a strong candidate to win the tournament, while the old champion, Roger Federer, can still destroy hopes. Everyone and win the title. As for the ladies, Serena Williams is looking forward to winning the French Open again, adding to her long record of victory.
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Things to do during the 2016 French Open period

You can watch the 2016 French Open tennis tournament, live the fun and excitement of tennis courts and learn about the heritage of Paris and its cultural attractions as well during your vacation. There are many fun things you can do between tennis games.

A tourist trip in the Seine

Your visit to Paris is not complete without going on a trip at the Seine at sunset, when you will see the most beautiful and famous landmarks of Paris and the buildings overlooking the river that illuminate the city sky in the evening. This is without a doubt an experience unlike any other, with musical performances and fine dinners from French cuisine.

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower

Dine at the famous Eiffel Tower restaurants, “Le 58 Tour Eiffel” or “Le Jules Verne” run by the famous chef Alain Ducas, with a sunset view in Paris and the most delicious French cuisine.

Watch the coolest artwork in the world

During your vacation in Paris, do not miss to visit the largest museum in the world; the Louvre Museum, which includes famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Mello, Nike of Samothras and many famous works of art.
The Moulin Rouge Show – an experience not to be missed in Paris

Parisian arts and culture

Head to two important museums in Paris: the Dorset Museum and the Georges Pompidou Center. The Dorset Museum of Fine Arts was originally a train station, which was converted in 1986 to a sophisticated museum of art in which it displays a variety of the most important artworks of the most famous painters such as Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh and others. The George Pompidou Center houses a museum of modern art with a public library and an institute for research in the areas of sound and music.

French palaces and villages

Enjoy a tour of Giverny and Versailles Palace during your vacation in Paris. The village of Giverny is located in the Upper Normandy region of France, where the famous French painter Claude Monet lived, the pioneer of the Impressionist School. As for the Versailles Palace, it is one of the finest examples of French architecture, as it represents the grandeur of its architecture. It was previously the residence of the French kings, and it is today a famous tourist attraction in Paris, and is famous for its unique interior design, luxurious furnishings and beautiful gardens.

The dark side of Paris

The Paris Catacombs tour is an interesting experience as scary as it is, and a very important opportunity to learn about the city’s dark history and its mysterious past at the same time. These catacombs contain the remains of more than six million people and are the largest cemetery in the world, and have become a tourist attraction since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

A date with the Phantom of the Opera

Garnier Palace is the most famous opera house in France, and the ghost of the opera, movies and musical shows inspired by it revolve. Designed in the Baroque style and opened in 1875 AD, this palace is a very impressive tourist attraction, where you can see its most beautiful sections such as the “Grand Voyer” hall, and the grand stairs leading to it.

Family activities in Paris – visit to Disneyland Paris

If you are in Paris with your children, do not miss the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris, the major gaming city that is a dreamland for children and adults alike. In addition to the huge number of fun games, visitors can meet famous Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Ducks, Hazelnut and Pluto, take pictures with them and attend performances, musical events, theatrical and fireworks in the evening. It is also possible to stay inside Disneyland in one of the hotels that include it.

Cafés, restaurants and French cuisine

Make sure to visit the wonderful cafes and restaurants in Paris. One of these places is the famous “La Pelevilos” café, where you can eat your food while listening to live music and chatting with the people of the city. Also, Café “or Paris” is considered one of the famous classic cafes and enjoys a charming view of the city. Popular restaurants in Paris include “or Bottega”, “Gordon Ramsay”, “Le Core”, “Le Meurice”, “El Mami Jane” and “A La Fermi”.
The French Open 2016 tennis tournament is a very important event for tennis enthusiasts. We advise you to hurry up to book your flights, hotel and sightseeing tours, and enjoy the most beautiful sights of the city throughout the summer from May to the end of July.
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