Many prefer to get discounts on their tourist trips, but what about free tourism activities in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia? Dozens of tourist activities that range from dining, visiting monuments, travel and transport, culture and reading, watching movies and following artistic performances can be done for free in Kuala Lumpur .

Free tourism in Kuala Lumpur

First: Food Do you know that you can get some kinds of food and fruits for free during your visit to Kuala Lumpur? Some urban garden groups such as (TTDI) distribute their crops of vegetables and fruits free of charge, as well as some institutions such as (The Free Tree Society) grant herbs And plants for whoever desires for free. Second: Travel and transportation from the free tourism services in Kuala Lumpur The free bus service that saves a lot of money spent on expensive taxi cars. You can try the free city bus services or service (GO-KL) that covers four routes inside the city can be distinguished in color (green) - red - blue - purple).Free tourism in Kuala Lumpur

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Third: Culture Kuala Lumpur provides its visitors with a long list of free exhibitions and museums that tourists can visit and spend any time with their family or alone without any fees. Among the most important exhibitions that provide free entry to tourists in Kuala Lumpur: - IlhamGaleri Petronas Center If you want the best free tourism activities in Kuala Lumpur, you can benefit from the free tour services in the capital. The free tour project is based on a group of the city's youth volunteers to provide an explanation of the tourist places, monuments, and patterns of popular daily culture. Find more than one destination you can contact with and get this free service such as: - Dataran Merdeka Heritage Walk Fourth: Watching movies, even cinematic films, you can watch them for free in Kuala Lumpur, where “Publika” opens its square every Monday to show local and international films to the public. They can take advantage of the free service of classic films offered by the hotel "Majestic" throughout the day. Fifthly, read books from the free services in Kuala Lumpur, which particularly appeal to intellectuals. The old book exchange service in the "Taman" area. The idea of ​​the group is to exchange a book Old with the latest in the field that you want for free. There are also many public libraries that can be visited to read and see cultural contents for free. Sixth: Watching artistic shows Public markets offer one of the most free tourism activities in Kuala Lumpur Novelty every Friday at eight in the evening Presenting folk art shows to the public. As for martial dance shows, they are presented at the same time on Saturday, and Basque music shows on Sunday at three in the afternoon. Seven: hairdressing is not a joke !! You can also style your hair for free in Kuala Lumpur, when hairdressing institutes such as (- Toni & Guy Snips - L'Oreal) and others hold graduation ceremonies from new hairdressers. Free tourism in Kuala Lumpur has become a popular culture in the Malaysian capital where many institutions seek To provide excellent services for tourists to welcome them.

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