Many students of science are seeking to enroll in an international university, with advanced ranking at the level of universities; this requirement is available in many European universities. But the hurdle is always the corresponding costs, so in this article we give you a quick overview of the French scholarships, so that you get what you want with the least amount of costs.

Study in France:

France is not only a country of magic and beauty, it is also famous for its high level of education, as France provides a distinguished education from kindergarten to university education. Among the most famous French universities, which attract the best students due to the advancement of their global ranking: 1. University of Paris: It is the oldest French university, and the most famous and attractive for students from all over the world. 2. University of Lyon: one of the most prestigious French universities, located in the city of Lyon. 3. École Normale Supérieure: one of the universities most interested in science, where 13 students won the Nobel Prize! Students interested in studying in France to reduce exorbitant expenses, by searching for French scholarships.

French scholarships students hope:

French universities offer grants to some distinguished international students, as scholarships provide a great deal to the student. In addition, in some scholarships the student is able to work part-time, in addition to the study, which saves part of the daily expenses.

Examples of scholarships include:

Governmental Scholarships: Example of the Government's Eiffel Scholarship for Postgraduate Students (MA and PhD) Fellowships from the International Center for Mathematics and Computer Science: which the Center provides for postgraduate students. French Embassy Scholarships: Provided by French Embassies in some countries such as South Africa Scholarships. Students' tuition fees, in addition to housing sometimes. The scholarship duration varies according to specialization and degree, and ranges between several months for granting languages, and 4 years for a doctorate. Some students are able to work part-time, which does not exceed 20 hours per week as the maximum allowed for students. Finally, fer remain Sa beauty and literary tradition, and Altalrueh and educational country.

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