My trip to Croatia is that beautiful, peaceful, quiet, eastern European country, which you rarely find information about in the Arabic language, but I will not speak in a way that I have traveled, gone, booked, eaten and drank, my talk will be focused on important information only.
Croatia is a tourist destination for nature lovers, waterfalls, and beautiful and distinctive lakes in this country beside the beautiful nature are very very cheap prices and high security. If you have traveled to Austria or Switzerland before and went to Croatia you will definitely notice the terrible price drop where you can enjoy a 5-star trip, but With a very economical budget.

The Croatian currency is kuna and is equivalent to approximately the text of the Saudi riyal

The currency of Croatia
In Croatia, the euro is not dealt with and the exchange of the Saudi riyal or Gulf currencies is not accepted, as it is not a member of the euro area, so you must exchange euros from your country before traveling and when you arrive in Croatia, you convert the euro to a Croatian kuna.

Entering Croatia.


Although Croatia is an inactive member of the Schengen, but you can enter Croatia with a Schengen visa, provided that your visa is already used in one of the Schengen countries and this is a very important condition that you must check, or you can enter Croatia through one of the main Schengen countries.
Entering Croatia directly: The Schengen visa you have must not be new and has already been used in one of the Schengen countries.

Arrival in Croatia:

Arrive in Croatia
You can reach Croatia directly via flydubai airline that arrives in the capital Zagreb directly from Dubai, but I must repeat that you have a used Schengen visa or a Croatian visa and unfortunately there is no Croatian embassy in the Gulf countries other than its embassy in Egypt, and You can enter Croatia through its two closest countries, Austria or Slovenia, which are both members of the Schengen and the Euro.

Slavic people:

Croatian people
The Croatian people fall under the southern Slavic race, which is a friendly people and respects the tourist and dealing with them is very easy, they share with the eastern peoples the simplicity and the love to get to know others and their social life is more interconnected than the West so the family still has a special place in the life of this people and they differ a lot from the peoples Western Europe is like the Germans and the French in so many things that even the Croats themselves find it difficult, like us, to integrate with other European peoples. On the other hand, you find religiosity in Croatia is dominated by the majority of them, and churches are crowded with people unlike other European countries that suffer N the spread of atheism large proportions and also suffer from the distance from the family, but the family is still in Croatia knit and lives in their surroundings children with parents and grandparents.

Security in Croatia:

Security in Croatia
You may be like me, you initially think that Croatia is dangerous, but in reality Croatia is characterized by a very high level of security and it is one of the safest countries around the world, including the surrounding countries such as Slovenia and Bosnia, where you share many characteristics with it, including security and in Zagreb you can roam In alleys until late times without fear and you can eat your dinner after 12 o’clock you will find some restaurants that are still working and do not close until late at night.

The most important tourist places in Croatia:

Tourist places in Croatia vary between forests, beaches, and waterfalls, and here we will focus on mentioning what matters to us as Arab tourists, which is the nature far from the beaches and the sea, even though Croatia is distinguished by beautiful beaches on the Adriatic and it is the most important thing that searches for western tourists in Croatia, but we Arabs do not care about that The situation is the same as the italyn, French and Spanish beaches.

1- The Croatian capital, Zagreb:

Zagreb is one of the smallest European capitals, with a population that has not reached one million, and the city is not full of activities or tourist places, but it is characterized by important things such as:

Donji grad

Zagreb Center
It is one of the most important districts of Zagreb and it is the city center and it finds restaurants, markets and the main square in the city through which most of the tram lines pass and official and national celebrations are made in it, it is the most important area for housing in Zagreb and I advise you to live specifically in the Dubrovnik Hotel directly overlooking On the main square strategically located and this is the link of Dubrovnik Hotel in Bucking (click here)

The coordinates of the hotel parking and Doni Grad Square:

N 45 ° 48.707
E 15 ° 58.667

Street of restaurants in Zagreb, Kalsheva Tkalčićeva

Street restaurants in Zagreb
One of the most important and most beautiful streets of Zagreb in Zagreb. If you think about eating, head straight to Kalsihva Street, you will find all the options available there. The street is just a few steps away from the main square of the city.

Coordinates: Tkalčićeva restaurants street

N 45 ° 48.881
E 15 ° 58.571

Zagreb Gardens:

Zagreb Gardens
If you look closely at the Zagreb map on Google Map, you will see that there are many parks that overwhelm the details of this city, and of course they are not like London, Paris, or Munich even, but they are distinct gardens in this city, and their rate is high compared to the small size of the city, I do not want to prolong You have to talk a lot about the Zagreb Gardens, because I am sure that you will like it, provided you move to the next point and do not miss it.

Experience the Segway Segway in Zagreb

A very beautiful and unforgettable experience, during which I saw many details of Zagreb and pass through the most beautiful gardens of the city of Zagreb, near the center, and supervises your tour by a professional trainer who trains you to use the squawy and all that at a small price of 33 euros for 50 minutes and they have different tours and miscellaneous .

Book by phone:

+385 1 3010 390
The starting point of the Esplanade Hotel in central Zagreb

times of work :

From 9 am to 6 pm

Their website:

The coordinates of the Esplanade Hotel, the place of departure for the El Sikway tour:

N 45 ° 48.325E 15 ° 58.550

Maximir Park in Zagreb

The Maximir Park is the best and largest park in Zagreb for a great time and walking. It is an important tourist attraction and has five lakes and is close to the sports stadium and the Zoo in Zagreb.

The coordinates of the main entrance to the garden:

N 45 ° 49.177
E16 ° 0.937

Zoo coordinates:

N45 ° 49.292
E16 ° 1.440

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