Switzerland is one of the most beautiful mountainous tourist destinations in the world, and many people dream about traveling thanks to its charming cities, ski resorts, fantastic castles, green forests, museums, cheese, world famous chocolate, ships, trains, cable cars, refreshing mountain resorts, and many tourist attractions! Below is a list of exciting activities you can take while vacationing in this charming European country.

Long outings

Tourism-holidays-in-Switzerland If you are a fan of hiking, there is no doubt that you will spend a wonderful time in Switzerland, where you can practice hiking through private roads with a total area of ​​more than 50 thousand km! Explore the famous Zermatt Lake Road, the Swiss Glacier Road, the Eiger Road, the Rhine-Georgian Road, the National Park Road, or the Alpenz-Alpenzel Road. Most of these methods have information about them including hiking times and the level of difficulty to pass, in order to facilitate exploration.

Explore charming Swiss villages

Live the most wonderful experiences in Europe by visiting one of the small Swiss villages and towns, which spread in the mountains, plains and valleys throughout the country, and is characterized by its amazing views of nature, including those dating back to the Middle Ages. Some of the best of these villages and small towns in Switzerland are: Gruyères – Morin – Appenzell – Interlaken – Montreux – Château de Odix – Gandria – Venngen – Zermatt – Locarno – Soglio – Steen am Rhein – and many other wonderful cities.

Try different types of cheese

Tourism-in-Switzerland Switzerland is also famous for making cheese types that are considered among the best in the world, and in it you will have the opportunity to try Gruyere and Emmental cheeses – the best Swiss cheese – with other regional assortment such as Bondeir Bergkas in Graubunden and Sprinkles in central Switzerland, in addition to delicious cheese dishes such as Alpine Magrunen ( Macaroni and cheese)

Swiss chocolate

It is impossible to visit Switzerland without enjoying the original authentic Swiss chocolate. Here, milk chocolate was first created, and here is the origin of the finest and finest chocolate in the world. Live a unique experience with chocolate tours, try countless types and discover its manufacturing process – the options here are limitless! Here you will find, of course, the most famous Swiss chocolate companies and factories, such as “Lindt & Sprongly”, “Killer”, “Free”, “Toblerone”, Cup Bricks, Garante, Teuscher, LaAdresse, and others!

Cable car ride over the summit of Matarhorn

The cable car ride is one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy in Switzerland as it takes you over the towering Matarhorn peak! Enjoy an exciting and unforgettable ride on top of the entire cable car in Europe as you pass over the summit of Matarhorn near the tourist village of Zermatt. Upon landing down, you can choose to ski to return to the car-free village with one of Europe’s longest ski lines! Alternatively, head to the fantastic city of Engelberg with the world’s first rotating cable car that climbs Titlis, the highest observation point in central Switzerland.

They left the train in the nature

Tourist-tour-in-Switzerland One of the most beautiful experiences rarely available anywhere, exploring the scenic Alpine scenery in Switzerland with a train trip. See the most beautiful scenery with a journey on a train that runs through the scenic landscapes along the rails designated for such trips, followed by trains such as Perena Express or Glacier Express. These trains usually run at a slightly slow speed, with large windows that ensure you the best viewing of this amazing atmosphere.

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