Bursa is one of the most famous cities in Turkey, because it includes many picturesque tourist places, as well as it contains a large number of attractive tourist attractions that attract many visitors, and the most important thing that distinguishes the Turkish city of Bursa is that it contains many distinctive parks And, therefore, some people call it the Green Bursa, due to the many places and natural landscapes in it, and we will learn through this article the best parks that are located in the city of Bursa, Turkey.

The best parks in Bursa:

First: Bursa Zoo:

The zoo located in the city of Bursa is one of the most important parks in Turkey, because it is one of the largest and which has a large number of different and many animals from different parts of the world to enjoy watching.

Entertainment in Bursa Zoo:

  • You can enjoy spending a special and enjoyable time by seeing many different types of animals in the garden, among which are the most famous pets, giraffes, squirrels, monkeys, and many other pets.
  • You can also enjoy spending a special time by watching some predators, including lions as well as tigers, as well as large bears. The park also includes a large group of birds of prey.
  • You can enjoy some delicious Turkish meals and food, and drink any kind of drinks through the cafe and also the restaurant located in the garden.

Second: Botanic Garden:

Botanic Garden is one of the most famous gardens that are found in the Turkish city of Bursa, because it includes many picturesque landscapes, where it is also called the flower garden, and it also includes a very large and vast area of ​​up to four hundred meters.

Amenities in Botanic Park:

  • Enjoy watching many green plants and some flowers in the garden.
  • The park also includes a group of different educational places in which some scientific research is held.
  • Many water sports can be enjoyed through the large water pool in the garden.
  • In the garden there is also a famous and distinctive restaurant, called the Iskander Restaurant, which serves many grilled meat meals.
  • You can also enjoy in the park by taking a tour of the different seats bicycles in the park.

Third: The Cultural Garden:

The cultural park is one of the most beautiful gardens that are located in the city of Bursa, because it is located in the heart of the city, and the most important characteristic of this garden is its large area which reaches three hundred and ninety three square meters, and the garden is updated periodically.

Entertainment in the Cultural Park:

  • Enjoy playing many distinctive water games, which are played in the artificial lake in the park.
  • Enjoy playing many unique games, which are located near the park, in a distinguished games city.
  • Many delicious foods can be eaten in the garden restaurants.
  • The garden also includes some cafes through which you can have the most beautiful drinks.
  • You can also enjoy spending a wonderful time through theatrical performances in the park, because the park has a large open theater, which has more than five thousand seats.
  • It is also possible to enjoy the outdoor seating and take food through the tables and chairs available in the garden.

Fourth: an attractive park:

Attractive park is one of the most important recreational places that exist in the city of Bursa, because it is one of the large-sized parks, and it is one of the places dedicated to lovers of scenic landscapes, as it is one of the parks that includes many different entertainment means.

Recreational facilities in an attractive park:

  • Enjoy visiting the famous games city in the park, which includes many different games, among which are the distinctive children’s games.
  • Also in the park there is the distinctive Aquarium Park, which has many different fishes and ponds that contain all kinds of fish, and it is one of the favorite places for many.
  • You can eat some delicious foods or have some delicious drinks through restaurants, as well as cafes located next to the park.

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