Colorado, which is located on the western side of America, is known as the only state that includes many attractive and distinctive landmarks to attract many visitors to love adventure, and among these distinctive features is a wooden cabin hidden on the back side of Aspen Mountain located in the western center of the state.

To get acquainted with this booth closely and within one of the episodes of the “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”, which reflects aspects of the lives of the wealthy, a recent report by CNBC directed an exclusive invitation to readers to wander inside this booth and learn about the huge winter can.

The most prominent characteristic of the place, which is 435 acres of private property, contains a small cottage and costs $ 31 million, that it is isolated from public services, and that it usually meets customers in the city center of “Aspen” and they move to the place using gondolas, which is a small vehicle hanging, and the journey takes 15 A minute above Mount Aspen.

The resort is equipped with solar panels, which contains two bedrooms and a living room with sweeping views of the Elk Mountain and outdoor, there is a special “zip line” between trees.

The venue houses the “Chevrolet Suburban”, a classic family vehicle known as the primary means of transportation for American families, equipped with wheel tracks to overcome the icy roads.

In addition to many entertainment and transportation, including snowmobiles to roam hundreds of acres.
Mountaineer and real estate broker Max Tam, who works for the real estate company Douglas Elliman Real Estate, explains that it usually takes customers upon their arrival at the top of the mountain to ski to the house, indicating that the wooden cabin was originally built in Finland before it was dismantled and brought across the Atlantic Ocean. To be rebuilt in its current location.

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