Giethoorn, the most beautiful countryside town in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands includes an important number of tourist sites, starting from Amsterdam and reaching the smallest town characterized by windmills, flower farms and gardens, or wherever bridges and canals are found .. Perhaps you will see in the beautiful rural town of Giethoorn, which will charm its beauty, located about an hour and a half drive from the capital Amsterdam or Schiphol Amsterdam International Airport.
If you are traveling to the Netherlands as part of a honeymoon trip then do not miss this scenic romantic destination, so that you can see and live in Giethoorn the Dutch love to live with and on the water, through canals, wooden bridges and houses in harmony with this nature full of lakes and forests.
Her name Giethoorn Or GethornThis beautiful city is calledDutch gunAnd you can take a boat trip between the channels, enjoy delicious lunches or dinners in one of the many restaurants located near the water’s edge, just visit and see the beautiful roofed houses or even enjoy roaming on bicycles, not to mention a lot of other things .. so what can you do Doing it in Giethoorn more?

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Giethoorn Netherlands

The town of Giethoorn is located inside the National Park and Yriben-Weiden, which is an ideal village in the eastern province of Overijssel, about one hundred kilometers from the Dutch capital Amsterdam, where countless straw houses were built on the small islands connected by more than 170 bridges Small wood.
The most wonderful thing about what you can love in Giethoorn is that there are no cars or roads there, and because you are one of the tourists they will leave you outside the village, and you must travel with water or on foot through the beautiful wooden bridges to reach your residence in the heart of the village.
And if you are in long stay in this region, you may also visit one of the nearby Hanseatic towns such as Zwolle and Kampen which is one of the finest rural towns in the Netherlands, and if you are accompanied by children do not miss them on a beautiful and enjoyable day in the city of Slagern. You will also find some ancient cities in Zederetsee such as Vollnhof and Blokzigl, where you can stroll between historic buildings, churches and ancient castles, and it is highly recommended to visit De Werriben-Wieden National Park.

Accommodation and accommodation in Giethoorn

Giethoorn the most beautiful countryside town in the Netherlands - Giethoorn, the most beautiful countryside town in the Netherlands
After booking flights to the Netherlands, you should search for a unique place to stay to ensure that you make the most of this amazing destination, there are many hotels and holiday homes that are located in Giethoorn directly on the edge of the water, and it is ideal for your next holiday, especially if you want to rent a boat to explore the environment during a vacation Your.
Among the places you can go to the recently renovated 3-star Hotel Khathorne, located in a picturesque countryside setting, like all the streets of the town, it sleeps along the water and provides important services and offers Dutch breakfasts and a variety of dishes, not to mention some apartments and other villas Such as Apartment de Hofste, Hook, Dosslewthack, De Obikker, Galleria Gethorne Resort, Geters Greet, and The Black Ship Hostel and Adhansle Old Smedsee
How about good dining places in Giethoorn? Do not worry in this regard because the town has a good reputation when it comes to gastronomy, it is home to various excellent restaurants, many of which are naturally located on the water’s edge, most notably de Lindenhof, Hollandes Venetia and Achterhouse.


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