Giftun Island Hurghada

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Giftun Island

Giftun Island is a natural reserve within the Red Sea, located in the Egyptian Arab Republic in the city of Hurghada, as it is a natural habitat for seagulls, where about 50% of the seagulls in the world live, in addition to reptiles and other birds, Giftun Island is one of the coastal islands It is located near the western coast of the Red Sea, such as: Safaga Islands, and the Shaddun Islands.

Sections of Giftun Island

The cracks affected Jiftun Island, which led to its separation into two parts:

Grand Giftun Island

It is the largest island in the Giftun Islands group, with an area of ​​approximately 18 km2, and a longitudinal extension of approximately 11 km, starting from the coast of Hurghada, and its coast length of approximately 34 km.

Lesser Giftun Island

It is the smallest part of the Giftun Islands, with an area of ​​approximately 3 km2, and is located in the southeastern side of the Greater Giftun Island, and its coastline is approximately 8 km, and this increases in the southern side more than the northern side of the island.

The tourist importance of the island

Giftun island is the first tourist island, because it is distinguished by its proximity to the Egyptian city of Hurghada, and what is distinguished by the presence of diving sites in it, and its fine sand, where there are fourteen tourist sites for diving, in addition to its attractive and beautiful beaches, and given its tourism importance, the island is one of the pillars of the economy The Red Sea and the Egyptian national economy, as they enjoy high economic values ​​that result in large cash flows.

Some official statistics indicate that the large island of Giftun has great tourism and economic importance, as tourists in the world are interested in visiting such sites, and prefer to enjoy their scenery and natural resources in their initial state, and therefore the declared area as natural reserves has increased to more than forty thousand kilometers in the Red Sea Governorate In addition to declaring 22 islands as protected from 40 islands, and some legal measures have been put in place to prohibit some practices within the scope of these islands, the hunting of marine and wild animals on the island has been prohibited, as well as the prohibition of moving, killing or disturbing them.

Many tourism workers depend on Giftun Island as their main source of livelihood, as approximately 40-60 floating families come to the island per day, and receives approximately 188,000 tourists annually, who represent 32% of the practitioners of marine activities in the city, as it comes Nearly 12% of the total Red Sea tourists, and the island generates significant revenues for the country resulting from tourism there.


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