Global Village Dubai

المسافرون العرب

Here is the most important information about the global village Dubai, which is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Emirates, which is constantly seeking to attract millions of tourists in order to see its most important tourist attractions, in the past years the country has witnessed a boom in the tourism sector represented in the establishment of many tourist resorts and skyscrapers The clouds.
What distinguishes the Emirates in general and Dubai in particular is the uniqueness and innovation in the structural designs of modern tourist attractions, which made them occupy advanced ranks in the list of the best tourist attractions in the world, and through Arab travelers you will get to know the global village Dubai, which is very popular with visitors.

Global Village Dubai

The most prominent information about the global village

  • In 1997 AD opened the global village on the shore of the Creek, and after that the Dubai government moved it to Oud Metha, and in 2005 it moved to Sheikh Zayed Road, specifically at Exit No. 37.
  • This village has achieved great success in the past years, the number of its visitors has increased greatly, whether local or international, to reach more than five million visitors annually.

Global Village features

  • What distinguishes this village is that it is another world inside Dubai, and its cultural window on the various countries of the world, as it is home to many different cultures and nationalities, as it includes a special section of the wings of countries that is divided into several branches of continents and regions of the world, such as the Middle East, South Asia, The Americas region, Africa region, Europe region, East Asia region, and each of these regions includes many products and souvenirs of their countries.
  • The village includes more than 3500, which includes international products from more than 70 countries, as well as more than 20 restaurants serving a variety of the best international cuisine in addition to the stalls spread throughout the village, which number 120 kiosks, which provide visitors with many of the most prominent popular dishes For every country, besides snacks.

Global Village offers and reservation price

  • Among the advantages of the village also is that it offers its visitors many offers, most notably the VIP ticket packages that included three categories: the Platinum Package, the Gold Package, and the Silver Package, and these tickets will be offered at Virgin Mega Store branches in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Center Abu Dhabi Mall, Mercato Mall, on September 28, 2020.
  • The price of the platinum card reaches 5000 dirhams and it includes 180 entry tickets, in addition to eight cards for the circus and carnival, and 4 cards for parking, as for the golden package, it comes to 1900 dirhams, which includes 160 entry tickets, six cards for the circus and the carnival and two parking lots, as for the package The silver includes 140 admission tickets, 4 circus cards, a carnival, and two parking cards.
  • The global village administration was keen to provide various activities for visitors as it included more than 20 thousand diverse entertainment shows, in addition to many facilities that include many distinctive games such as virtual reality games.
  • Recreational activities in the village are not limited to this point, as they offer fiery and very wonderful shows that are held on Friday every week, in addition to the concerts where the brightest stars are hosted from different countries.
  • The village administration provided another distinguished service for people of determination or people with special needs that enables them to enjoy visiting the village through the presence of a number of specialists who explain the features of the village in sign language, in addition to displaying many of their products.

Global Village Dubai entrance fee

  • In 2020, the Dubai government set entry fees that amount to 15 dirhams per person for adults. As for children under three years old, the elderly over 65 and those with special needs, admission is free for them.
  • As for the dates of the visit, they start from Saturday to Wednesday from four o’clock in the afternoon until twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, and on Thursdays, Friday and official holidays, the dates start from four o’clock in the afternoon until one o’clock after midnight.

For more information about this distinctive tourist destination, you can visit its official website by entering this link.

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