We often hear about people wishing to immigrate to Canada without knowing that Canada is a very large country and not a small country confined to it, therefore it is necessary to get to know well any area that it intends to travel to, whether for final stability or just for visiting and tourism, and today in our article we will highlight some of Important information about Canada.

Geographical location of Canada

Canada is one of the countries of the largest area, it is the second in the world, as it consists of ten provinces and three regions, and extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, and extends from the north in the frozen ocean.

History of Canada

Initially the name Canada was Kenta, and this name is due to the language Iroquois in St. Lawrence and its meaning is a village or settlement, but when the French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in it he called the name Canada instead of Kenta to denote all the areas under the rule of leader Donacona.

Geography of Canada

In view of the vast areas covered by Canadian lands and their presence on different latitudes, they are characterized by the presence of the largest number of lakes and even contain the largest percentage of fresh water in the world, and seismic and volcanic activity is large in them, but at the same time suffers from low population density It is in spite of the large areas, so it always opens the door to immigration and offers great facilities for those interested.

Climate in Canada

The climate is difficult to confine to all regions of Canada, but it differs according to the location. In some regions, the winter is very severe and temperatures may reach fifteen degrees below zero and may reach forty below zero with the presence of freezing winds, such as the interior regions dominated by the continental climate.

The most beautiful cities in Canada

It is necessary to know the most beautiful cities in Canada that must be visited if the purpose of the travel is tourism:

  • Calgary: Known for its great winter sports, it is one of the largest cities in the Canadian province of Alberta.
  • Ottawa: It is the fourth largest city in Canada in terms of area, and it contains many different tourist attractions in it.
  • Whistler: It has snow coverage, so there are many winter sports in it.
  • Churchill: It is a small town, but whoever wants to see the polar bears must visit.
  • Quebec: She is distinguished for her winter carnival and National Day celebrations, and he who loves museums and libraries should put her on his flight to Canada.
  • Toronto: It is distinguished for its tourist attractions, which made it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.
  • Also featured in Montreal, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, and Vancouver.

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