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A tour of the city of Granada, where we will provide you with important information the most beautiful attractions of tourism and entertainment in Granada from the experiences of travelers, and the tourist attractions in which to satiate this unique experience in the presence of the jewel of Islamic architecture in Spain, we will get to know it in more detail on Arab travelers.

Granada City Tour:

Many cities in the Arab world name streets in the name of Al-Hamra for the time in Granada and the dazzling Al-Hamra Palace, which is located below. We will accompany you on a fun and interesting tour full of information and experiences in Andalusia the most beautiful parts of the world.

Impressive places in the city of Granada:

If you want to enjoy your experience to the fullest extent, get off at any of the hotels in the vicinity of the Alhambra Palace, on top of which is the Hesperia Granada Hotel.
But if you are looking for the most beautiful places to watch the sunset in a unique appearance with the Alhambra Palace, do not hesitate to visit Plaza de San Nicolas Square, at sunset.

Alhambra Palace:

  • It is one of the rich places of identification in Spain, and it is a huge palace equipped with a lot of huge squares and patios in addition to antique museums, and you will need a full half day at least in order to see everything that is in the palace from the many sections in it.
  • There is on the city’s borders to the southwest, and it was included in the year 1984 AD among the list of monuments of the UNESCO World and includes buildings for rulers and public and the palace building in addition to many impressive gardens and impregnable forts and reeds, making it one of the greatest cultural and historical places in the city of Granada.


One of the oldest buildings in the city of Granada, which is located within walking distance of the Granada Palace, where you can visit them simultaneously and in the past was the favorite place for Muslim princes in order to have some entertainment, comfort and tranquility thanks to the intensity of the beauty of the place.

Corporal Paradise:

Also known as Generalife, it is one of the most beautiful gardens designed in the form of ancient royal gardens, and one of the oldest Arab monuments found in Granada.

Bayazin neighborhood:

It is one of the oldest Arab neighborhoods in Granada that you must definitely visit to see the ancient monuments in a picture mixed with the charming green nature of Granada.

San Jose Church:

It is one of the oldest churches that was built on the ruins of the old Haret Al-Kasaba Mosque, and it is one of the most beautiful places to take memorial photos that symbolize the city after the Alhambra Palace.

Plaza de San Nicolas:

One of the most beautiful places to enjoy nature and sunset very charmingly, as you can participate in night parties, as it is one of the best places to stay in the city.

Coral de Lee Carbon:

One of the famous squares in the city, in the name of Bab Ramla, was the old gate of Granada from the sandy side overlooking the river.

Granada Market:

It is the best place to satiate with this unique experience, as the Granada Market was established in the same place as the archaeological market in the city, and it is one of the most vital places where you will find activity and movement throughout the day, which is between the Plaza de Nueva and the Plaza Pape in the Ramla area.

Gypsy Lane:

Do not miss the visit of the Roma neighborhood while passing through Granada, as it is one of the most beautiful cultural places that reflect the life of the Roma and the best place to enjoy flamenco music, and see the great development that you witnessed in the city, especially in the square of the Arab neighborhood Albayzin, and in the areas surrounding the Plaza de la Nueva.
In the Roma neighborhood, you will find many popular areas that show flamenco and its various dances every day.

Granada Cathedral:

The cathedral was built on the ruins of the well-known Granada Mosque, which was established by the Banu al-Ahmar in the middle of the city after their control in 1493 AD.
As for the design of the city, it blends the Gothic style and the Renaissance style in a very impressive form, and its construction was completed in 1704 AD. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places that you must visit during your tour in the city of Granada.

Jewish Al-Bayazin Neighborhood:

One of the most important and most visited tourist destinations by tourists in the city of Ghartana, where it has a great cultural and historical status, and it is known for the intensity of the beauty of architecture and engineering ingenuity and it was included in the UNESCO list in the year 1994 AD.

Royal Church:

One of the most beautiful churches in Spain, which was built on the ruins of the Granada Mosque in the year 1595 AD by order of Enrique Egas.
The most important characteristic of the Royal Church is the clarity of the Renaissance designs on the different walls and walls, and it will surely be a unique experience.

City Information:

  • The great history of Granada dates back to the many Celtic colonies that took place in the fifth century B.C.
  • Its history is not limited to that, as it was called Al-Bira, and then it was called Granada after the arrival of the Islamic conquest in Andalusia, in the year 711 AD, and they made many renovations in the city, including expanding the infrastructure in order to use the area in agriculture and introduce new methods and modern agricultural equipment. In order to improve the quality of the mats and introduce new crops such as citrus fruits and apricots.
  • Some destruction occurred in the city in the eleventh century due to internal disputes between Muslims and then it was ruled by the Zirids in the year 1013 AD which made it at that time of the separate emirates and then subjected to the rule of the Almohads at the end of the eleventh century and a great development and expansion occurred It has no end until its lands reached the Jewish Al-Bayazin neighborhood.
  • Life in the city flourished in the late nineteenth century, after the establishment of a sugar plant extracted from the beetroot in Granada.




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