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The guide of the Grand Millennium Sulaimani Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah, its most important features and the price of reservation in rooms and you did not have to go in it and not in any other hotel in order to see Iraq in a way that did not occur to you on the Arab travelers website.

Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah Hotel:

Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Iraq, and it is unmatched by any other hotel, especially with the restaurant on the 32nd floor and its great location close to the most important tourist attractions in Kurdistan.
The hotel can be considered the best place to start exploring the city because it is in the middle of it, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iraq, so you will be amazed to see the beauty of the hotel from inside or outside, especially with the restaurant that rotates 360 on the 32nd floor of the hotel, which is the preferred destination to spend a month Unforgettable honey and enjoy an idyllic dinner by candlelight.
One of the advantages of going down in Sulaimaniyah is that the mountains surround you from most of the regions in the city of Kurdistan If you love to explore and adventure and know the new you will not tire of exploring the city, and the hotel gives you the opportunity to shop in the various shops that are in it in addition to the access to embassies and government departments easily because it is on Very close to your location.

Rooms of Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah Hotel:

The hotel provides seven types of rooms, the following are the advantages of each and their different prices:

Superior room:

It is one of the best rooms if your purpose is to spend time alone or do business in the city, and it is suitable for lovers of tranquility and small rooms with an area between 33 to 37 square meters.
Maximum number of persons can stay in the room.
Room rate: $ 111 USD per night, which saves you $ 11 per day.

Club Room:

Among the excellent rooms that enjoy great elegance and a bed suitable for married couples and for an unforgettable honeymoon, they are equipped with all the luxury elegant sofas you need and enjoy a charming view of the city directly.
The size of the room ranges from 33 to 38 meters, and can accommodate three persons.
Room rate: $ 124 USD per night, which saves you $ 13 a day.

Junior suite:

If you want to spend an incomparable vacation and enjoy a dazzling appearance on the city with glass windows along the wall, this suite is what you are looking for, the suite is equipped with all the different luxuries which will make you feel that you are in your own palace and that your life is wonderful and full of joy, love and poetic. It is the best place to take some rest from work or life stress or change the atmosphere.
As for the size of the room, its area is fifty square meters, and it can accommodate three persons.
Room rate: Junior suite price starts from $ 153 per one night, saving you $ 15 a day.

Junior Club:

It is similar to a junior suite, but it is a little bigger and has a lot of luxury in the furniture, splendor in design and the maximum number of occupying three persons.
Room rate: The Club Junior Suite starts from $ 166, which saves you $ 16 a day.

Business suite:

If you want to have a comfortable nerve room to lie in after a hard day, or a place to run your own business then this is your next choice. The size of the business suite starts from 65 square meters and can accommodate three persons.
Room rate: The price of a business suite in the Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah Hotel starts from $ 179 per night, which saves you $ 17 USD every day.

Club Deluxe Suite:

The majority of those taking this suite are young or newly married who want to have an unforgettable experience at Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah Hotel, and its size reaches more than 86 square meters, and can accommodate three individuals.
Room rate: Prices start at $ 255 and vary depending on the season and save you $ 25 every day.

Presidential suite:

That would be really cool, wouldn’t it? Housing in a huge suite of 300 square meters! The suite is very luxurious and very elegant with this huge space that will make you feel that you are in your own villa separate from everything else in the world, and the presidential suite enjoys a unique view of the sky of the city. The maximum number of occupants of the suite is three persons
Presidential suite price: The suite price starts from $ 2125 per night, which saves you $ 212 per day.

Places to eat at Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah Hotel:

  • Rotating taste: It allows you to eat your favorite food with your family from a high altitude above the clouds.
  • Beiruti Lebanese Restaurant: It is the most delicious Lebanese and Arabic dishes of tabbouleh, grills, shawarma, and international food as well. You will feel yourself in your own home with the luxury of décor and the skill of the catering staff.
  • Crystal Champion Bar: The best places to rest and have a drink or more. It offers great and very comfortable music options.
  • Funk All Day Dining Restaurant: The restaurant offers many delicious dishes and it operates 24 hours at your service.
  • Big lobby lounge: If you want to have juice or cocktails in a place that is relaxing for nerves and far from everything else, the lobby offers you many types of coffee, including Iraqi and Arab coffee, to start your day with a lot of joy, love and activity.
  • Rendezvous Bar: It is a very attractive place for drinking juices, especially in the evening.
  • Sports bar: Offers many great offers if you want to see your own sport.

Married people loved the Grand Millennium Sulaymaniyah, as it was rated 8.8 out of ten by married couples who got off there. Do not hesitate to book your next vacation in this dazzling place to see Iraq in a new and unique way.


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