Great Wall of China amazing facts you know for the first time

المسافرون العرب

The Great Wall of China is one of the most important tourist and historical monuments that exist today and has been classified as one of the seven new wonders of the world, tourists and visitors to China rush to see it as it is two thousand four hundred kilometers long.
It stretches between the northern and northwest borders of the People’s Republic of China, and besides its tourism role, which is an important source of income for China, but it represents a military defense line at the highest level of organization and efficiency, the Arab travelers in the following article provided all the details related to that great construction, so follow us.

Great Wall of China

  • For everyone who loves nature and history, this tourist attraction will represent an irresistible attraction for them as it had a great and ancient history in the Chinese kingdoms of previous eras, which were built during its time and is characterized by its unique location between mountains and charming nature.
  • We have already mentioned that it extends between the northern regions and the northwestern regions, which made it start from the city (Chenhuangdao) located in the Gulf of the Yellow Sea from the east, to Gaotai in the city of Gansu in the west, and also passed over Beijing in the direction of Handen.
  • Its construction dates back to two thousand years ago and was built in the autumn and spring periods in addition to the age of the fighting kingdoms with the aim of defending that region. It was divided into nine military fences at the head of each of them a military commander and a large group of soldiers has sometimes amounted to one million soldiers, to Besides the presence of workers specialized in restoration operations in each area along it.

Tourist attractions of China

  • It consists of an enormous group of steel and clay stones, and it also includes many guard towers between each of them an area of ​​about (200 meters).
  • The components of its construction in the desert regions differ from those in the northern western regions, where the first consists of willow and stones, while the second consists of compact soil and brick.
  • Among the distinctive things in the construction of the fence, which helped to maintain it until that time, there are openings for automatic disposal of rain water, in addition to allocating rooms to keep the supplies and food of soldiers stationed on its roof.
  • It passes through a complex and varied geographical terrain that passes between the cliffs and mountains, as it penetrates the desert and green meadows, even cutting the rivers in the land of China.

Tourism in the Great Wall of China

  • The State of China has opened its borders to receive visitors and tourists since (1980 AD). Nearly one million tourists have been spotted coming to visit the fence every year.
  • The huge numbers submitted to visit him resulted in serious damage to it, which amounted to the disappearance of about fifty percent of it and the weakening of thirty percent, according to studies conducted by the association responsible for it in (2007 AD).

The Great Wall of China from the Moon

  • There is an idea that says the Wall of China is the only thing that can be seen with the naked eye from the top of the moon’s surface, and this statement was believed by many, as it was mentioned by the painter (Robert Riley), and the astronauts denied this rumor.

It is worth noting that the name of the wall in China is not what we know it, but rather they called it the city’s long wall in the Chinese language before what is known to the Arabs and the world by the name that is currently present. It is denied that it was specially built to repel their attacks.

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