Great Wall of China

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Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a vast fortress built in ancient China, and is the largest construction project implemented at that time, and it consists of a group of walls built over nearly two thousand years across northern China and southern Mongolia, but the best and most extensive part is the part that was built by the Ming Dynasty In the period between 1368-1644, it is eight thousand eight hundred and fifty kilometers long, and extends from east to west from Mount Hu in Liaoning Province in southeast China, to Jiayu Pass northwest of Gansu Province, and natural barriers such as hills and rivers form a quarter of its length, and have It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

The reason for building the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built as a bulwark against enemies, and it served as a wall for four different states, before eventually uniting, and becoming one country, and the Qin Dynasty began building it, but most of the part that exists today is from the Ming Dynasty.

The Wall of China as a tourist destination

The most popular destination to visit in the Great Wall of China is Badaling. All buses, trains, and buses from Beijing go to the northwest, walking through the valley road that covers flowers and leaves during the summer. This region was considered one of the most beautiful in the thirteenth century. Listed (eight great scenes from Yanjing), and to the west of Juyong there is a white marble structure called the Yuntai Cloud Platform, and this platform was built in 1345 AD to form the basis of the Three Pagodas Stone, which was built by order of Emperor Huizhong, the last ruler of the family Yan, it was called a For the structure at that time the bridge of the Temple of Gogita, but after it was destroyed after the fall of the Yan Dynasty, the Great Peace Temple was built in its place. This temple was burned in 1702 AD at the time of Emperor Kangxi, and from the tourist destinations in the Wall of China are platforms that are some 300-500 meters apart. These platforms were created for patrolling and guarding purposes, as observation posts and platforms for attacking enemies and for storing weapons, and there are beacon towers for transmitting military information.

An interesting fact about the Great Wall of China

I believed in the old days that it is possible to see the fence from the moon, when it was published in the book (The Second Book of Marvel) in 1938 AD, but in reality that seeing the fence from the moon is almost impossible, as its width does not exceed a few meters, i.e. as if it is included for aircraft and it is hardly It can be distinguished from the near-Earth orbit.

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