Greek island of Santorini

المسافرون العرب

Greek island of Santorini

Santorini is known in English as it is one of the Greek islands which is located in southeastern Greece near the Aegean Sea, and it is also called Thira in Greek, and Santorini municipality runs public life in it, and this municipality was created through the merger of both the Oia and Thira municipalities. In one municipality to work on managing local affairs on the island and surrounding areas.

Santorini Island History

The name Santorini was given to the island in the thirteenth century AD, during the reign of the Latin Empire, and it was derived from the name of the cathedral of St. Irene. However, the name Santorini remained the most widely traded among a large segment of the island’s population.

As for the emergence of the island of Santorini, it is a group of volcanic remains, which resulted from a massive volcanic eruption that led to the destruction of many natural features of the island, and geographical factors contributed to the establishment of the island in its current form, which led to surrounding water from all sides, after stopping Volcanic activity on the island was rebuilt by the Greeks in order to make them livable.

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The rule of Santorini followed succession to many peoples and tribes until it followed the Romen rule that continued in it until 1579 AD, in which the island became dependent on Ottoman rule, and in 1821 AD it declared its independence from the Ottoman authority, and during the Greek War of Independence it united with Greece in 1830 AD, and became It follows politically, administratively, and economically.

Geography of Santorini Island

Santorini Island contains many varied geographical terrain, with mountains abound, and the slopes covering three sides of it, and it contains many plateaux formed from the remnants of the fusion of volcanic masses emitted from volcanic volcanoes, and there are still some inactive volcanoes, which Surrounding many of its cities, therefore, although it is close to the sea, but its climate is characterized by a desert that is close to drought, and this leads to a continuous increase in temperatures, especially in the summer.

Public life on Santorini Island

Santorini is inhabited by more than 14 thousand people, and the majority of its inhabitants belong to Europe and Greece, and its residents work in various public and private professions, in the cities scattered on the island of Santorini, and in 2007 AD the island managed to attract many tourist trips, especially those that were associated with the discovery of activity The volcanic is located in it, and the Municipality of Santorini has worked to provide a set of cruises for tourists on ships belonging to the island in order to get to know its different regions and see its maritime borders.

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