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Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island is located in the south of the Aegean Sea in southeastern Greece. It contains the city of Rhodes which is the largest urban center on the island. The city was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 AD, and the island and city of Rhodes are currently considered one of the most important tourist destinations The main is that tourism, government services and fishing are among the most important sources of employment, and the island’s population is estimated at 49,541 according to the statistics of 2011.


Crete is classified as the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, and the island has a population of more than 600,000 people, and the island’s capital and its largest city is Heraklion. Crete is characterized by the diversity of its terrain from sandy beaches to beautiful white mountains, in addition to that the island includes many Artificial islands like Gavdos, and the island has many important ancient ruins like Knossos of the Bronze Age.

Island of Lesbos

Lesbos island is one of the largest islands after Crete, located in the Aegean Sea in eastern Greece.

Chios island

Chios island is located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, approaching the Turkish coast, and Chios is famous for the medieval villages, secluded beaches and monasteries. This island is also one of the most popular destinations among tourists, especially families and children, and Chios island requires irrigation because there is no waterway in it Perennial, however, citrus, figs and olives are cultivated and lemon and orange are exported, and the population of the city is about 51.773 according to 2001 statistics.


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