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the green Mountain

Green Mountain or Puncak Mountain in the Indonesian language, and this word means “summit”, which is a mountain located in Indonesia and the highest mountain in it, and away from the Malaysian capital, Jakarta, about 100 kilometers from the center of the capital, in the West Java region of the vicinity of “Bmt Bhandranjo” “In the Indonesian province of Bogor Sangor Sukabumi, the highest peak in the green mountain is about 1,500 meters.

Green mountain climate

The Green Mountain is a park for residents of the city of Jakarta, where the locals visit it continuously, especially on the weekend break, in addition to many tourists from different regions of the world, because it enjoys beautiful and moderate weather, as it tends to be cold at night, and the region is characterized by natural vegetables and a picturesque nature And very quiet.

The most important tourist attractions of the Green Mountain

Among the most important monuments in the Green Mountain and is one of the most important tourist areas in it, including:

  • Taman Safari: It is a group of gardens that are distinguished by its architecture and beautiful trees and many rhythmic fountains located in it, tourists move inside it through several ways, including: private cars, train and buses, and there are places for children’s games in addition to a special train to entertain children inside the park, as there is Wild animals are free and free that tourists can see while they are in cars. Among these animals are elephants, tigers, giraffes, goats, zebras, and hippopotamuses, etc., and shows are made in these parks after noon. The duration of the show is thirty minutes for one show. These offerings are: tiger shows, sea dogs, elephants, monkeys, birds and falcons.
  • Tea factory: What is seen is how to prepare tea, and there is a quiet cafe for tea, then the tourist can take a tour until he sees the tea plant and how to grow it and take care of it.
  • the town: And there is a single street that can be walked on foot, or by car or bus to see farms, gardens and houses.
  • Al-Taawun Mosque: This mosque is located among the green plains and is characterized by a wonderful architecture, and there are some sessions around it that overlook the tea plantations.
  • Lake of Colors: Located at the top of the Green Mountain, this lake is a small lake characterized by its charming nature.
  • Schlumberger Falls: The number of these waterfalls is seven waterfalls, and it is an important tourist landmark that is climbed through a staircase made by nature, in addition to the presence of a park characterized by its lush trees, flowers, and bridges suspended on the streams and small water lakes descending from the waterfalls.
  • They will facilitate: It is a commercial market from which all needs can be purchased such as: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, electrical and electronic tools and clothing.

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