Guide to the best chalets in Bahrain for a wonderful stay

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Guide to the locations of the best chalets in Bahrain, Bahrain has become a tourist destination for many different tourists on the Gulf region and the Middle East, and in various parts of the world, and Bahraini tourism is part of the state’s economy, despite its small size but it has many resorts and hotels that overlook the best natural landscapes of the sea With the most beautiful and unique chalets, Arab travelers help you to know the most important resorts that offer the best chalets.

Best chalets in Bahrain

  • Jumeirah Royal Saray

It is from the category of resorts that always get a high evaluation from its visitors, in exchange for the distinguished and professional services it provides to its residents, it has chalets that have a wide balcony, large rooms suitable for families, air-conditioned with a private bathroom, there is also an outdoor pool, and an integrated spa center And also a fitness center, and there are playgrounds for children, Jumeirah Royal Saray Resort is located 86 km from Dammam and 47 km from Al Khobar, in the Manama area.

  • Grove Resort

The Grove product is located on Amwaj Island, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Bahrain, and the product provides a lot of distinctive accommodations such as villas, chalets and apartments, with large and spacious areas and beach fronts, and the private pool, contains spacious rooms and seating areas sufficient for families, equipped with a private bathroom and kitchen Fully equipped and equipped, it contains entertainment places suitable for children, various types of water sports, a fitness center, and a restaurant that serves delicious international dishes.

  • Countryside resort

It is a luxury product that classifies visitor ratings to 5 stars, and is located on the Reef Island in the heart of the green areas, and is characterized by an ideal location on the sea coast, near many distinctive entertainment places, because it is located in the heart of the city, it has a lot of chalets suitable for a fun and special holiday, It has distinctive views of the beach lakes, 7 different restaurants that offer delicious food inside, it has an integrated spa center that provides a fitness center, and its own pool, there are places that help children enjoy their time, and it also provides car rental services to move from to other places.

  • Al Bandar Chalets

It is one of the distinctive tourist resorts that contains a lot of luxury chalets with large areas, there are a lot of rooms that suit families and large gatherings, there are all these services of private chalets from a private bathroom and an integrated kitchen, there is a restaurant that specializes in seafood, an outdoor pool, A full-service spa, children’s play area and bowling halls.

  • Al Dana Novitel Hotel and Resort

The Al Danah Novotel Resort and Hotel is located in the center of the capital, Manama, near the Sheikh Hamad Bridge. It contains distinctive chalets that suit all family members, and are equipped with full services. It also contains a lot of restaurants that offer various types of distinctive foods, an integrated spa center, an outdoor swimming pool and also A private beach with suitable prices ranging from forty dinars or more.

  • Art Rotana Amwaj Islands

This product is located on Amwaj Island, which is one of the most beautiful resorts that overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and it has a distinctive beach with clear blue water, there are outdoor pools, all services are available from the free internet, accommodation in air-conditioned chalets, rooms or villas and fully equipped in terms of The kitchen and a private bathroom, a minibar for each room, the suites have a hot tub and a Jacuzzi on the balcony designated for the chalet, there is an integrated sports center for fitness, there is an integrated water theme park for children, and there is a fountain with a distinctive lighting, restaurants that provide different types of food, and all Kinds of meat and fresh fish, away from Mint P from the city center about 20 minutes.

  • Hawar Hotel and Resort

It is one of the resorts that is characterized by the desert nature and the distinctive wildlife. There are chalets and apartments, all of which are furnished, integrated and equipped, with cruises that take 45 minutes to reach them.


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