Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Noralia, Sri Lanka

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An entertainment and tourism guide in Noralia, Sri Lanka, or as tourists called it the city of light, because it contains many distinctive natural places such as waterfalls and vast and idyllic gardens that are characterized by the most beautiful nature that the eye sees from the enchanting nature and vast green areas, which is also the capital of tea production, and the most beautiful tourist destinations In Sri Lanka, Arab travelers fully describe the wonderful nature of Noralia, Sri Lanka.

Noralia Sri Lanka

The city of Nuralia is the administrative capital of Sri Lanka, and rises about 1889 meters from the sea. It is located above a mountain peak in the center of Sri Lanka, and it is distinguished as a city that has a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere and a moderate climate throughout the year, called the “Little England” name, because it was once a home to the English Inside, temperatures range from 12 to 8 degrees at night and 16 to 22 during the day, with clouds covering their sky most of the year.
The city of Noralea is about a hundred and eighty kilometers from the capital, Colombia, and is characterized by its green nature, and its distinctive and unique recreational places, there are many tea plantations which are the profession practiced by most of its residents, as well as fruit farms that receive great attention by the state, It was created in the nineteenth century by the British Samuel Baker.

The most important tourist places in Noralia

The Lovers Waterfall

One of the most famous tourist places, which was distinguished by Nuralia, is called the Lover’s Leap, and it is about two kilometers from the city center, and it rises about 90 meters next to the stairway, through which you can reach the top of the highest mountain, where the most beautiful view can be seen For the large green areas of the lands surrounding the waterfall and watching the water flowing from the top of the waterfall to fall to the bottom, also you can climb up the waterfall to see the tea plantations and the houses surrounding it for the locals.

Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park is famous for being one of the most beautiful natural parks that enjoy many wonderful scenery and unique distinctive, and it is one of the best tourist destinations in Noralia, and there are notes of mixing beautiful nature and tranquility with wonderful and exciting green plains, and the park rises to a distance of 2300 meters from the sea surface, And there are many animals that live inside, and also a variety of rare plants and also wonderful birds in different colors and rare species also, you can enjoy hobby climbing on the mountains, or walk in the fresh air, and also camping in the charming nature .

Tea plantation

Noralia has a wonderful reputation in the field of tea cultivation, as it has many large and extensive farms in which tea is grown in an old way and with old equipment since the British were present, it is possible to walk around these farms and visit the caves around it to have a cup of fresh and refreshing tea, and spend time Among the green nature.

Lake Gregory

This lake was established during the period of the British presence in Noralya during the rule of Sir William Gregory in 1873 AD, it has many different activities and various means of entertainment, including boating and wandering in the water, and fans of kayaking can enjoy this hobby, alongside it is a small park that contains scenes Wonderful, children can enjoy it by riding a horse, as I have shown stalls for people to sit in the garden and enjoy calm and relaxation, watching nature and having a good time.

Victoria Park

One of the most beautiful tourist places not only in Noralea, while in the continent of Asia in general, where it is located in the heart of the city, there are a lot of wonderful natural scenery, it contains a playground and a garden for birds and also places of the emergence of different roses, you can spend fun time with family or friends or enjoy Alone in her transformation and seeing her beauty and magnificence.

Recreational trips

Recreational trips can be taken on foot to see the waterfalls and landscapes around the magnificent city, as well as see the locals, and the dense fog that gather every evening.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

Hakgala Botanical Garden is located at the foot of Hakgala Rock, which is 10 km from Southeast Asia. It was established in 1860 AD, then it became the most important tourist destinations, and is characterized by the presence of many roses, various orchids, unique and distinctive plants.


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