Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Sweden

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A guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Sweden, the country of Sweden, officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, is one of the best tourist destinations in the world due to its distinguished location in northern Europe, and its enjoyment of various natural and picturesque features; The Arab Travelers website helps you to develop your knowledge of its attractions and tourist areas through the topic of tourism in Sweden, which explains a number of its most important tourist attractions and the most important information about them, in addition to mentioning the official private sites of a number of these landmarks to be able to Learn more about the attractions you love most; if you want to know in depth all about tourism in Sweden, you can visit the official website dedicated to that, which is in the following link.

The most beautiful places of entertainment and tourism in Sweden

Drottningholm Palace:

  • It was built in the seventeenth century by architect Nicodemus Thyssen the Great by order of Queen Hedvig Eleonora.
  • It is located on an island in Lake Malar.
  • Built in French style.
  • The royal residence is represented in the modern era, starting in the year 1981 AD.
  • It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • The southern section represents the section designated for the king and queen, while the rest of the palace and gardens are a tourist area.
  • It is famous for its vast green gardens.
  • Its gardens are decorated with bronze sculptures and statues.
  • It includes a theater that performs many plays during the summer.
  • For more information, you can visit the palace’s website:

Vasa Museum:

  • It is located in Stockholm.
  • It was named after the ship Vasa, which was dedicated to the bride of the Emperor of Sweden, which sank and the bride in it and remained under the ice for three centuries until it was discovered in 1961 and became one of the most important tourist attractions in Sweden.
  • The vessel was constructed under the supervision of a Dutch specialist, Henrik Heibertson, with the assistance of four hundred skilled, multidisciplinary workers involved in the manufacture and decoration of ships.
  • It was ordered to be built by Gustav Adolf II of Sweden at that time.
  • The ship is distinguished by its distinctive inscriptions and elaborate sculptures, as it was a floating palace.
  • It is one of Sweden’s most famous museums.
  • Nearly a million tourists visit it every year.
  • It was opened in 1990.
  • The official website of the museum:

Stockholm Archipelago:

  • It represents the second largest Baltic archipelago.
  • Sweden’s largest archipelago.
  • It consists of thirty thousand islands.
  • One of the best scenic spots in Sweden for fans of natural sights.


  • It is the oldest Swedish city.
  • Overlooking Lake Malarin with its spacious Uppland Meadows.
  • It is located fifty kilometers north of Stockholm.
  • Its area is 3.95 square kilometers.
  • It includes many important monuments such as churches, remains of houses and old buildings.
  • It is characterized by its beautiful nature and distinctive markets, famous for its handmade products.
  • City-specific site:

Crystal Kingdom:

  • It is found in the smallland forests.
  • It includes eleven glass operators who are visited to learn about the glass industry.

Lapland (Lapland Region):

  • It is an ideal area for those who want to relax in the arms of nature.
  • It gives the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting natural landscape, as it includes high mountains from which glaciers descend, as well as vast pine forests and meadows.
  • It features a glacier hotel offering the opportunity to ride on deer-driven trolleys to enjoy watching the Aurora Borealis.
  • It occupies an area of ​​109.702 square kilometers.


  • One of the largest Swedish cities is an area.
  • It is located seventy kilometers in the north of Stockholm.
  • It includes the seat of the Archbishop of Sweden, since the year 1164 AD.
  • It contains the University of Uppsala, which was built in 1477 AD, and its library contains many valuable manuscripts.
  • Its cathedral includes 13th-century monuments.
  • It has Uppsala Castle, which contains a large number of artifacts and distinct antiques.
  • It is the site of several landmarks such as: the Botanical Garden, Uppsala Museum of Art, and Pellet House.
  • Its official site:

Gotland Island:

  • Belong to the World Heritage sites.
  • It is located in northeastern Sweden.
  • It is characterized by abundant natural scenery and charming beaches.
  • The town of Visby is the main gateway to it; this town dates back to the Middle Ages, known for its walls built during the thirteenth century, as well as its small paved streets.
  • There is the Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1203AD, which was part of the Dominican Monastery, but the church was largely destroyed in 1525AD; and despite this, it still represents the largest church in Visby and holds the annual festival of Visby.
  • It includes St. Mary’s Cathedral, which was founded by German merchants in 1225 AD, then was rebuilt twice, the first in 1899 AD, and the second in 1945 AD; it is characterized by having four huge towers in its west, and two small towers in the east; and included a distinct platform carved of ebony and walnut .
  • It contains a botanical garden built from more than one hundred and fifty years, and in the south there are the ruins of the Roman Church of St. Olof that dates back to 1200 AD.
  • There is an archaeological museum built in the year 1875 AD, and it specializes in explaining the history of the island, and holds many permanent exhibitions of artifacts, natural history, and art.
  • It also includes the distinctive Kenny Bean Amusement Park, which includes a huge water park suitable for all ages, and provides many other distinct leisure facilities such as: camping areas, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, and many different places to stay for various parties and events.

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