Guide to the most beautiful resorts in Jeddah

المسافرون العرب

The best and most famous guide to Jeddah resorts, it is one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is distinguished as the first tourist destination in the Kingdom, whether internal or external tourism, because it is distinguished by its architectural and cultural development, in addition to that it includes the largest port in the Red Sea, and a center for the Saudi economy and business And the banks, given that they contain about 135 skyscrapers, Arab travelers show you the most important resorts that were marked by his presence in Jeddah, which you will enjoy while you are in them. Follow us.

Best resorts in Jeddah

Jeddah is considered one of the ancient cities because its origins date back to nearly 3000 years, and it was named after Jeddah, Jarm bin Rabban bin Helwan bin Imran bin Al-Haf, who is one of the Arabs who were the cause of its origin and composition. God is forbidden, and that continued until now, Jeddah overlooks the waters of the Red Sea, so it was marked by the presence of tourist resorts inside it overlooking the most wonderful beaches of this sea, so that you enjoy spending the sweetest holidays within these resorts and the most famous.

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Movenpick Resort Al Nawras

Mövenpick Resort Al Nawras is located on Jeddah’s Corniche Road, on a private island on the Red Sea, 10 minutes from King Abdulaziz International Airport, and also about 20 minutes from downtown Jeddah, where it contains villas with a private pool for a villa, it has swimming pools An integrated spa center for all types of relaxation and harmony. There is also a sauna steam room and a hot steam massage room. It also has a fitness center for men. All sports are available for fitness lovers.
Each room inside the resort’s hotel has a large mattress, separate living rooms with a full sofa set, spacious and shaded balconies equipped with chairs suitable for sitting and watching the magnificent sea view from them, there is the famous restaurant Al Wada, which is always characterized by serving delicious types of seafood and is fresh, you can eat it In the air and enjoy the view of the sea with sunrise and sunset.

Narcissus Resort & Spa Obhur

Narcissus Resort & Spa Obhur is 31 km from Red Sea, it has air-conditioned villas with free internet services, all units overlook the pool and Jacuzzi, it has a sandy beach and outdoor swimming pools, outdoor, and an indoor pool for women, the units have a wonderful view To the sea and it has a seating area for meals and enjoying the scenery from it, it also provides all services inside the villas from bathtub to coffee maker, kettle and TV.
You can eat breakfast inside your stay, and you can go to the product’s fitness center where it has all the means to help you exercise, away from the Atallah Happy Land Park and the Mall of Arabia at a distance of no less than 33 km, and close to King Abdulaziz International Airport a distance 35 square kilometers.

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Bahadur Jeddah Resort

It has a floating water park on the waters of the Red Sea, which is located in the northern Obhur region, which is 20 minutes away from King Abdulaziz International Airport by car, it has many services, including the availability of free parking inside the resort, an outdoor pool, provides family rooms and other Individuals are all air-conditioned, and there are all services such as free internet services, mini-bar televisions, and in each room there is a spacious and comfortable seating area, Deface is one of the most famous restaurants that serves seafood, eastern and western, and there is Splash Café for lovers of snacks, appetizers and drinks, there areIts recreational games such as rock-climbing structure, and there is a large playground and a games room for children.

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Al Murjan Beach Resort

Al Murjan Beach Resort is 31 km from the Floating Mosque, and Mall of Arabia is at a distance of 36 km. King Abdulaziz International Airport is located approximately 36 km from the resort location, and about 34 km from Red Sea, it has a private sandy beach Distinctively, a cafe on the beach, free internet services, the rooms include all the services you need while enjoying your vacation, it has a restaurant that offers all kinds of international cuisine, a distinctive outdoor pool, allocates places to enjoy the rides that you can delay from inside the resort.

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