We made a list of the best halal restaurants in Belgium to ensure that you eat excellent quality and halal food;
Without finding it difficult to search for those places where the Muslim person always suffers when traveling to foreign countries when searching for a place to eat that serves delicious and halal dishes at the same time;
Alcohol, pig meat, etc. are always included in the food.

Halal restaurants in Belgium

Paul’s Boutique

This restaurant opened as the first fresh food boutique in 2010 in Kortrijk and became famous after opening very quickly and remarkably.
The secret of this fame is the fresh ingredients that come to the restaurant every day in addition to the best beef, chicken, fish and burgers, and every meal it serves is distinct and different from the other.
The most important thing is the Halal food it provides is free from alcohol and any pork;
You can choose what you like, as there are multiple halal meals in the menu.Paul's BoutiquePaul's BoutiquePaul's BoutiquePaul's Boutique

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Kuala lumpur restaurant antwerp belgium

According to the name, you definitely concluded that this is a Malaysian restaurant, and this is true, as it is the only Malaysian restaurant in the Belgian city of Antwerp.
If you happen to eat there, you will definitely want to go again and again because the food is truly delicious and the atmosphere is nice and comfortable and the service is fast and distinctive as the staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable, make sure that you should not miss a visit.Kuala lumpur restaurant antwerp belgiumKuala lumpur restaurant antwerp belgiumKuala lumpur restaurant antwerp belgiumKuala lumpur restaurant antwerp belgium

Bodrum Palace Restaurant Belgium Bodrum Palace

The thing that makes you most like the restaurant is that it is clean, so make sure that this is one of those restaurants that you will want to visit again, because it is very clean.
It is a Turkish restaurant named after Bodrum Palace located in Turkey.
The staff is very nice and very friendly and you will find that all foods served are largely fresh, so the bread served with each meal is fresh.
The place is comfortable and large, suitable for large groups of friends and families. Bodrum Palace Restaurant Belgium Bodrum PalaceBodrum Palace Restaurant Belgium Bodrum PalaceBodrum Palace Restaurant Belgium Bodrum PalaceBodrum Palace Restaurant Belgium Bodrum Palace

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Persepolis restaurant belgium

This distinctive Iranian restaurant is right for you if you are looking for a different and funky style of food and it is also halal then it will be a great enjoyable experience for you.
The service in the restaurant is fast, the atmosphere is comfortable and warm and the prices are suitable for everyone although the food is luxurious as it is from the outside you may not notice that it is Iranian but from the inside it is very clear and the food is Iranian at the core.
There is also an explanation of how to usually eat Iranian dishes and how to put spices on them, so you will enjoy a lot of this unique and delicious experience.Persepolis restaurant belgiumPersepolis restaurant belgium

Finjan restaurant, Belgium

This is the best kebab restaurant in town and almost the best if you prefer to eat Arabic food in halal restaurants in Belgium.
It is a very nice and clean place, nice staff, calm and relaxed atmosphere,
The restaurant offers oriental and arabic food and foods of the mediterranean countries in a very artistic, delicious way.
Even the decor of the restaurant is very elegant and Arabic, as well as the utensils in which the food is served, with a noticeable Arabic character.
You will be able to eat the tastiest halal shawarma in Belgium and the finest grilled fresh meat, salads and Arabic sauces.
The most distinguishing thing about the place is that it may be a peak in crowding, but you will not feel any shortage of service, then the service will be fast and complete, just as it is if the restaurant is not crowded, and this is the testimony of everyone who visited the restaurant, which is really wonderful.Finjan restaurant, BelgiumFinjan restaurant, BelgiumFinjan restaurant, BelgiumFinjan restaurant, Belgium

Kumpir Eethuis, Belgium

This wonderful Dutch restaurant is one of the best halal restaurants in Belgium and is the first Dutch restaurant in the city of Antwerp and was established almost in 2002 and is located near the center of the municipality.
The dish options are many and varied, all of them are unreasonably delicious, and the prices are affordable and not overrated despite the high quality of the food.
The atmosphere inside the restaurant is warm with a personal touch from the Dutch chef who owns the restaurant.
You will be very happy to try such and eat halal Belgian food famous for its appetite, not to mention the amazing starters.Kumpir Eethuis, BelgiumKumpir Eethuis, Belgium

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