Halal restaurants in Kandy: 10 best halal restaurants in Kandy city, Sri Lanka

Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka and although it is characterized by its greenery, it is one of the most home to beautiful temples and museums, as well as wonderful entertainment places that are not without them.
No wonder about that, this beautiful city enjoys an amazing location among the green hills, lush tea plantations and rice fields, and it is characterized by majestic architecture and delicious food that satisfies all tastes, budgets and religions as well. We have dedicated this article to introduce you to the most important and famous halal restaurants in it

Find out about the best halal restaurants in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy Muslim Hotel

In contrast to its address, it is not a hotel at all, but rather a small and lively restaurant that serves the most delicious Sri Lankan traditional food.
This restaurant is located near Lord Kataragama Temple
It is always crowded, and it offers authentic tastes from Sri Lankan foods, including rice and curry is the main dish in Sri Lanka, and other vegetables, meat or fish curry, in addition to lentils curry also do not use knives in general in Sri Lanka, or at least in small local restaurants, The traditional thing is that the locals eat their meal using the right hand like Muslims. Sri Dalada Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy House

The Kandy House Restaurant is your first choice for a romantic dinner, which is usually eaten on the beautiful old balcony surrounded by beautiful lanterns, which gives a special romantic character to the place. An old luxury villa has been transformed into a boutique designed boutique hotel featuring a restaurant called Kandy Restaurant, which Enchanting its guests with a lush green garden and beautiful views of the rice fields, the restaurant also features a delicious mixture of European character and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, including fish dishes with rice or beef curry with broccoli and basmati rice, which is considered one of the most ancient Sri Lankan cuisine. Kandy, S ri Lanka, +94 81 492 1394

Soya Center

Soya Center Restaurant is one of the most famous Kandy restaurants, and it serves a large variety of traditional street food in Sri Lanka, all made from soybeans. Expect to find delicious vegetable cake, roti rolls, sandwiches with soybean sausage, and desserts in general, especially ice cream. As for drinks, we advise you to enjoy chocolate and orange juices, and there are other good options for vegetarians. 116 A, Kotugodella Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka, +94 81 2 202016

Devon Restaurant and Bakery

The large and noisy Devon Restaurant features a wide range of traditional Sri Lankan and Chinese cuisine in addition to a few European dishes, and this two-storey restaurant is very popular with locals and tends to be crowded during lunch hours. The menu includes a large selection of “rice”, which includes Basmati rice, chicken or vegetable curry, Paul Sumbul, which is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut and hot pepper. Sri Dalada Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

White House

White House is one of the most famous restaurants in Kandy, especially because it combines the naughty restaurant, cafe and bakery, while the modern café on the first floor is dedicated to coffee and light pastries from the bakery, on the second floor the comfortable restaurant includes an interesting fusion of Western dishes and Indian cuisine Traditional Chinese and Sri Lankan. The menu includes delicious Indian dishes such as tandoor chicken and shrimp in addition to steaks. The White House offers a nice break for a relaxing lunch and is a great choice for an elegant and enjoyable dinner. 21 Dalada Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka, +94 81 2232765


Rockview is a wonderful restaurant offering stunning landscapes of green hills, rain forests and tea plantations, so you can enjoy a great meal with a wonderful and unforgettable view. Here, guests are welcome to try the best of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Some specialties include raw bananas and cocoa with red rice, as well as curry chicken dishes with fried rice and other delicious foods. Then, after completing your unforgettable meal, you can have a cup of delicious Ceylon tea. Pahala Kadugannawa, Kadugannawa, Kandy, Sri Lanka, +94 81 257 1611

Mlesna Tea Center

Mlesna Tea Center is part of the Melissa Tea Shop, a cozy and quiet café located in the heart of Kandy. The café offers a small selection of cakes and snacks with great baked goods, but the main focus remains on tea. Where this restaurant is specifically one of the rare places where tea is still prepared in the original Sri Lankan way. It enjoys the interior design of dark wood, glass and leather, which creates a calm and ideal atmosphere for relaxation that tends more to the family atmosphere, and comfort in the middle of a busy day, is an excellent place for family meetings Dalada Veediya street, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Slightly Chilled Loung

Also known as the bamboo garden restaurant, this restaurant offers some of the best fun and wonderful views of Kandy, and seats in the restaurant are divided between a partially covered lounge and an outdoor terrace, which becomes especially crowded during the dusk hours. The restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine, but it Serving some of the most well-known western dishes such as pasta, burgers, sandwiches and even fajita in great ways, the restaurant features in the evening traditional parties with live music and delicious cocktails.Anagarika, Dharmapala, Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka, +94 0812238267

Natural Coffee

Where Sri Lanka is the number one tea maker in the world, it is also an ideal place for excellent coffee, and the Natural Coffee Café is an ideal place for walks and relaxation after exploring the city of Kandy and its temples, and it is also the first café in Kandy which is very popular in Sri Lanka. An upscale venue also offers a selection of sandwiches, toast, and delicious cakes and pastries, including Belgian waffles and ice creams. Temple Street, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka, + 94 8122 05734

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