It is well known that Halong Bay is full of ancient caves that tell the past thousands of years of its centuries-old sculpted formations.
The beauty of the mysterious archaeological Halong Bay was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994, and ranks first in the most famous tourist places in Vietnam. There are more than 1,600 islands in the Gulf, whose limestone stones have eroded over 500 million years of tropical rain, which have created cover of dense forests within the hollow islands that each have their own lakes.

The area of ​​Halong Bay is about 1500 square kilometers, which contains about 1969 islands, some of which rise to high altitudes such as skyscrapers across the Gulf to tell a long history and tremendous values ​​within the wonderful limestone mountains of Halong, and in the middle of the Gulf there are 775 formations on an area of ​​330 kilometers to hide Lots of caves and floating villages.
The sprawling Halong City also known as Bai Chay is the main gateway to the bay, while it is possible to stay on land and make daily trips to Halong Bay, but most visitors choose to go on cruises that include staying in the bay for days on board.

Halong is closely related to the important historical landmarks of Vietnam, as Van Dun port in Halong used to be the busiest airport in northern Vietnam, which quickly received foreign merchants in the neighboring regions thanks to the shape of the Gulf and its rocky islands that divide it into small lakes and deep channels ideal for docking of ships and boats Safely, complete with magnificent panoramic views of the colorful forests and fishing villages scattered on the islands.

Halong owns the famous Bai Thu Mountain (Mountain of the Poem), which has preserved the precious poem of King Lu Thanh Tung engraved on its cliff since 1468, alongside the timeless legends of the historical Dao Gu Cave which combines ancient ruins and erotic stories, as can be discovered treasures of the Gulf and swimming with dolphins on The white sandy beaches of Lan Ha Bay enjoy a special attraction.

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