Hawaii Island

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Hawaii Island

The island of Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and largest islands in the United States of America, which is called “Big Island” and means the big island. In addition to being an island that is a province of the state of Hawaii, Hawaii Island is located within the Hawaiian Islands archipelago in the southern side of the volcanic archipelago north of the ocean Al-Hadi, the area of ​​the island is approximately (10.430) square kilometers, which is equal to the rest of the archipelago, the population of the island is approximately (185,079) people, according to estimates by the year 2010 AD.

The origin of its name

It is noteworthy that the reason for its name with this name is relative to “Hawaiula”, which is the name of the Polynesian sailor who first discovered the island, and some opinions indicate that the reason for the name is due to the legendary land located on the Pacific Ocean, which is “Hawaiian”, as it is said that the first to live in it are the Polynesians And that it was the home of their gods, and a captain of European origin named “James Tok” claims that he was the first to discover this island, and he called it “sandwich” island, but he was killed on the island itself near the “Kela Kikwa” beach. Also, this island was the home of the commander “Kameha Miha I” who united most of the islands there under his banner during the year 1795 AD after many wars that took place there, and after he united them, he decided to name his kingdom in the name of his mother island, which is “Hawaii”.

Hawaii State

Hawaii is one of the states of America. Rather, it is the last state that was annexed to the United States of America. It has an area of ​​approximately 166,642 square kilometers. The population of the state is approximately (1,211,537) inhabitants, and its capital is Honolulu. The state consists of (19) islands from Including the island of Hawaii, and the state of Hawaii is located in the far south of the United States and there are no states after it, and is considered one of the two states that are outside the geographical range of America and the state of Alaska, most of the population are niggers and Asians, most of its population works in agriculture, such as planting bananas, pineapples, and coconuts , Cane sugar, and coffee making.
The first to discover the state of Hawaii is the seas “Cook” during the year 1778 AD, where it remained subordinate to the British state for a long period of time, and it was during that period that followed the rule of (4) Kings, then came Queen “Lilio Calati” and united her in one kingdom, in the beginning The United States of America refused to annex it, and it was declared a republic by the Americans residing in it in 1884 AD, and in 1898 AD the American Congress voted to annex it, and in 1900 AD it became a state of the United States.


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