Hawaiian Honeymoon Islands

المسافرون العرب

Maui Islands

The Maui Islands located in Hawaii are the most well-known popular islands, containing a variety of beautiful resorts and places for adventures, in addition to beautiful places to relax, the visitor can enjoy watching the Honokhaw Falls by taking a helicopter tour, this island is also known for the beauty of its nature Gorgeous waterfalls along the way, as well as fresh pineapple plants.

Kauai Island

Kauai Island is one of the beautiful honeymoon destinations in the Hawaiian Islands. Nearly 60 movies have been filmed in it, and there are beautiful waterfalls around which there are picturesque iris arches, in addition to the sprawling Waima Valley, and some activities that can be done On Kauai Island go an 11 km long path to enjoy the beauty of nature in the area, many water activities and one person’s baths on the island’s beaches, as well as see tropical fish and dive into the waters adjacent to the island.

The Big Island

There are many different geographical features on the big island in Hawaii, where there are volcanic mountains, golf courses, and colorful sandy beaches, in addition to the presence of luxurious resorts and exciting activities that make the island an ideal place to spend their honeymoon, visitors can take a sunbath on the beaches of the island, Or take trips to waterfalls, dive into the surrounding waters, and go hiking in the Hawaii National Park.

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Molokai Island

Molokai Island is an ideal place for rest and relaxation, and the island is characterized by the presence of the highest marine slopes in the world in it, in addition to its picturesque beaches that are often empty and quiet, in addition to coral reefs and beautiful forest topography in them, can explore excursions using boats, horses or bicycles, and is considered This island is a romantic place suitable for honeymooners and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and picturesque ocean views, where the couple can live in one of the country houses on the banks of the island.

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