Hawar Islands

المسافرون العرب

Hawar Islands

Hawar Islands are known as one of the economic and tourism treasures of the State of Bahrain, due to the presence of natural gas in it, which plays a large role in its renaissance and richness, and is considered the habitat for many species of birds that are close to extinction. It is a nature reserve.

Location and space

Hawar Islands is one of the islands located in the Asian continent, where it is located in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and belongs to the Kingdom of Bahrain, and these islands are formed from an archipelago consisting of fourteen islands, and away from the Bahraini land a distance of sixteen kilometers, equivalent to about ten miles, either from land Qatari, it is a distance of one kilometer, equivalent to about half a mile and more, and the combined area of ​​these islands is estimated at fifty two square kilometers.

The most important islands of Hawar

  • Hawar Island: Hawar Island is the largest of the group of Hawar Islands, and its area is forty one square kilometers, while its length is eighteen kilometers, and its width is approximately five kilometers, and the highest elevation in it is recorded twenty-two meters above sea level, and complications abound at the edge Its western coast, where high pebbles abound from the western side extending to the eastern side, and calcified structures formed from coral, in addition to the presence of an algal mat.
  • Southern Black Island: The highest elevation in which it recorded four meters above sea level. It is also made up of accumulations of gravel and also sand, and in it shallow waters and mud abound, and sand in its southern beaches abounds, and abundant types of ravens of the Socotra sea nest.
  • Northern Black Island: The highest elevation recorded three meters above sea level, and is made up of accumulations of gravel and also sand, and it is like its predecessor abundant in shallow waters as well as mud, and sand abounds in its southern and southeastern beaches.
  • East Rabad Island: Consists of accumulations of gravel and sand, in which shallow water and clay abound, and shallow lakes that are concentrated in the southeastern part of it, and it is considered one of the settlements of Balshon Al-Sakhr.
  • The western island of Rabad: The highest elevation with a record of one meter above sea level. It was also formed as a result of accumulations of gravel and sand. It is concentrated in its eastern and southern coast, muddy plains, as well as shallow lakes.
  • Amhuzza Island: The highest elevation recorded above the sea level is twelve meters, and it consisted of eroded slopes, as well as rocks, gravel and sand, in addition to the sandy terraces in the southern coast of the island.

The dispute over the Hawar Islands

Today’s Hawar Islands belong to the Kingdom of Bahrain, after long periods of time were a source of disagreement and conflict between Bahrain and Qatar, and this conflict lasted for nearly fifty years, but it was decided by the International Court of Justice in The Hague that these islands are Bahraini islands and not Qatari, by a decision that Qatar is not required to claim again a second time, and a non-appealable decision, but the State of Qatar has been given a number of islands from this archipelago: the island of Zubara, the island of Jinan, the island of Hadd Jinan, and the island of Ficht Al-Dibel, and the islands that remain for Bahrain are : Hawar Island, the island of Qarat Jaradah, and the Little Islands remained The decision to resolve the conflict was the year one thousand and one AD, and it also issued that the Qatari commercial ships have the right to pass peacefully through the waters of Bahrain’s Hawar Islands.

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